Portable Vaporizers

What Is A Portable Vaporizer?

Portable Vaporizers are usually the ones which will provide the best quality of vapor density and taste within a very small size and discreet design. Quality portable vaporizers will give you the mobility you are looking for while effectively vaporizing your aromatherapy content. There are many different portable vaporizers available today but not all of them will eliminate the harmful combustion output material. A product which is more expensive, does not necessarily mean that it is a quality portable vape. Couple of the unique characteristics of all portable vaporizers are their efficiency in terms of confining the heat in a small space, fast heat up times and larger size chambers than pen vaporizers.

Some of the handheld vape models are extremely versatile since you can not only use anytime/anywhere but also you can vaporize all material types like oils, liquids and loose leaf on demand. Products like Haze V3 also offer "pack in advance" features which make these portable vaporizers extremely easy to use when you are on the

Some portable vaporizers will focus on dry ground material consumption exclusively while others may do oil and liquid concentrates. You can also find a small number of brands which are compatible and very effective as versatile portable vapes such as Haze Vaporizer. We encourage you to read customer reviews as well as editorial reviews on each product to see which brand is the best portable for you.

Types of Portable Vaporizer:

We like to categorize handheld vaporizers by the nature the device vaporizes the herbs: convection or conduction.

Conduction Vaporizer:

Conduction is process of transmitting heat through the material when there is difference of temperature between adjoining region, without movement of material. Most conduction vaporizer use conduction to heat because it generally allows more precise temperature control. In a conduction vaporizer, the heating element is direct in contact of dry herb which allows it to heat up faster. Also, the material that in contact with the heating element will get hotter than the rest.  

 Popular vaporizers such as the Mighty, Arizer solo, Pax 2 or Pax 3, use the conduction method.  The other advantage of using conduction is that it helps to avoid combustion which is consider very dangerous for heath. Combustion can result into cancer and other health issues over time that why conduction vaporizers are considered as a sifter alternative of smoking cigarettes and other traditional way of smoking that causes combustion.  

Convection Vaporizer:

Convection is process of transmitting heat caused by the movement within the fluid by the tendency of hotter and therefore less denser material to rise. Convection vaporizer requires liquid or gas to move the heat through dry herb (think of a steam). Firefly 2 is a convection vaporizer where flower is heated with the hot air. Convective vaporizers are more efficient since it doesn’t combust the material. It evenly heats each mouthful of vapor as you pull, so every hit should be flavorful and potent.

Some vaporizers such as the Magic Flight Box, Firefly 2 and Boundless CFX uses convection to successfully create vaporization. One downside of convection vaporizers, they require regular cleaning to keep the vapor from smelling unpleasant and to keep the vaporizer unit working properly as many times the material to be vaporize melt on the screen.

Avail Exciting Vapes Deal Only at Green Vapes:

Portable vaporizers are small/light weight in size and usually very discreet. Some of the portable vape models are extremely versatile since you can not only use anywhere anytime but also you can vaporize all herb material types like oils, liquids and loose leaf on demand. Many portable vaporizers have ceramic heating elements, which provide most efficient heating.

Here at Green Vapes UK, we stock a large collection of portable vaporizer from most popular brands such Pax Labs, Arizer, Firefly, Haze technologies and many more. Some vaporizer like Haze Dual V3 also offer "pack in advance" features which make these portable vaporizers extremely easy to use when you are on the go. Order now and get exciting offers and deals only at Green Vapes.


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