Kandypens is a very popular and familiar brand among vape pen Lovers. The company offers a wide range of vape pens with life time warranty. Kandypens is known in the market not only for their sleek and discreet design but also for their assured quality and lifetime warranty on almost all products produce till date. Kandypens offers products for everyone from dry herb vape lovers, concentrate to oils.

The California based company have recently launched two new models: Kandypens Miva and K-Vape.  Both supreme quality vape pens are now available in Green Vapes collections in different colours and styles.

Miva Vaporizer:

The Kandypen Miva Vaporizer is one of the latest innovation from Kandypens. Designed to use with dry herb, Miva features advanced OLED display with large ceramic chamber of capacity 0.5 gram. Miva is a conduction/convection hybrid heating vaporizer that minimize the chances of combustion through its even heating. Powered by a 2200 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery, Miva offers a 5 minutes shutoff features to conserver battery life. Its heat up very quickly, the average heat up time is 10-20 seconds depending on the temperature setting you have selected. You can pick any temperature setting based on your preference in between 149C to 345C. Overall kanypens Miva is designed with great attention to detail and to cater the needs of modern vape users.

K vape Vaporizer:

One of the supreme quality vape pen from Kandypens, designed to use with dry herb material. K-Vape is a true convection heating vaporizer that eliminate any chances of combustion through its even heating. K-Vape is a lightweight and sleek vape pen that delivers high vapour quality with 3 different temperature setting (360F, 380F & 420F) for a customized vaping experience. K vape features faster heating time with a large stainless-steel chamber that can hold up to 0.6 grams of dry herb very easily. It has a black durable finish with very discreet and cool looking design. It comes with additional mouthpiece, screen and cleaning brush.

What’s Included in Kanypens Life Time Warranty:

Kanypens lifetime warranty covers all battery related issues on all products. Having said that, Kandypens doesn’t covers atomizers as a part of lifetime warranty as most of the atomizers need to be replaced over time depending on the usage. 


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