Iolite Vaporizer (WISPR)

Oglesby & Butler, renowned worldwide for producing butane powered tools, turn their sights on the vaporizer market in 2008 and saw that there was something missing - enter the Iolite Vaporizer range. Joining the portable revolution in the early days, the Iolite developers continue to devotedly apply their unique technology to providing customer with the best vape experience. From the manufacturing plant in Carlo, Ireland, dedicated employees anticipate customer wants and needs, and work tirelessly to improve on their products. The Iolite range are truly portable, requiring no batteries, cords or wires.

Iolite 2.0 Vaporizer UK

Weighing just 81 grams, the Iolite 2.0 is very discreet and very portable. Powered by butane converted to heat via the internal catalytic converter, there is no need for batteries and the tedious wait for recharging can be ditched. This patented heating system technology achieves the optimum temperature in mere seconds and allows for a couple of hours vaping when full.

Iolite WISPR 2 Vaporizer UK

With beautiful aesthetic, the Iolite WISPR 2 combines first-class design and ease-of-use. As with all vaporizers in the Iolite range, this vape is butane fueled and users can revel in the associated advantages i.e no batteries, cords or wires. Available in a variety of colors, with simple temperature control and a large chamber facilitating a longer vaping session, the WISPR 2 is a premium vaporizer.

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