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Inhalater OEM Accessories & Replacement Parts:

Inhalater is in the vape market since 2009. This Canada base vape manufacturer has released many amazing portable vaporizers on the market. The latest innovation from Inhalater is Inhalater 6s vaporizer, which is living up to expectations in terms of quality vapor delivery and mouthwatering technologies that would thrill one’s vaping needs.

To maintain and enhance the performance of Inhalater vaporizer, you may need different replacement parts and accessories over time. Keeping this in mind, Green Vapes UK carries a top selection of inhalater accessories. Order now and enjoy healthy vaping with Green Vapes.


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    Inhalater Vaporizer Glass capsule buy online

    Inhalater Glass Capsules

    £14.99  £11.99
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    Inhalater Water Tool Adapter GreenVapes UK

    Inhalater Water Tool Adapter

    £14.99  £11.99
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    Inhalater Vaporizer Accessories

    Inhalater Screen Removal Pick

    £22.95  £17.95