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Formed in California in 2012, Cloud V have grown into an award winning vaporizer manufacturer and distributor specializing in portable vaporizers and E-nails. With many unique patented products on offer, and more patents pending, Cloud V have developed a reputation for innovation. Having won the Best Product Award 14 times, Cloud V strive to match this innovation by providing excellent customer service to their customers at all points in the transaction.

The Cloud V Electro Portable E-nail brings you a solid design coupled with perfect functionality. This portable e-nail is the perfect alternative to your traditional nail setup. Sporting a powerful battery that facilitates a speedy heat-up of the nail, this is just the product for enjoying your concentrates/waxes anytime, anywhere!

As is expected with Cloud V products, the Cloud V Electro Side Arm Aqua Bubbler offers great functionality along with portability, with a sturdy, ergonomic design. Similar to the original Cloud V Portable E-nail and with the same exceptional performance, this product has an additional Side Arm Aqua Bubbler to cool down the vapor for your further enjoyment.

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    Cloud V Electro Portable E-nail Green Vapes UK

    Cloud V Electro Portable E-nail

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