Bongs and Water Pipes

Bongs and Water Pipes – Now Available with Green Vapes UK:

A bong is a smoking device which uses water filtration mechanism just like Hanukkah to filter out toxin and resins. Bongs are also known as water pipes.  Bongs have taken many form since man early history & continue evolving at rapid pace. The best advantage with bong is water filtration phenomena, where smoke travels through waters before reaching to smoker’s mouth. It filters out 90% of toxins, that’s why bongs are considered safe & better thing to use on the earth, when it comes to smoking device.

Bongs for Sale UK – New to Green Vapes:

Green Vapes is happy to announce our new collection of best bongs on the earth from leading manufacturers such as Black Leaf, Grace Glass, EDIT collection and many more.  While we are a vaporizer company at first and foremost but Green Vape appreciates all elements of smoking that are provide best smoking experience to our customers.

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