Why You Should Try Herbalizer 2 Vaporizer In 2017?

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The vaping industry is getting much more competitive by the day, with several innovative and advanced tech vapes showing off in the vape market space and you would be sure that an uninformed mind would certainly fall a victim when it comes to choice.

2017 was predicted to be the breakeven point for vaporizers because every manufacturer out there are proofing their worth with the standard of vapes they release to the market, so purchasing a gimmick vape is really no excuse because you get good quality even at low cost.

Herbalizer Vaporizer UK

Early this year we were reviewing the herbalizer 2 vaporizer based on the specifications released by the Nasa Old boys about this piece because it was not released for retail then. By April 1st, the unit touched the vape market and then it was confirmed that the tons of functionality associated with this vapor piece was not just a hype but a fact.

In this article we would be looking at the herbalizer 2 in detailed review while giving you reasons why it should be your choice vape this year (2017).

The herbalizer vaporizer for those who do not know much about it, it is a desktop vaporizer having options for vaping as well as aromatherapy.

Many users of the herbalizer seem not to be aware of the two different make of the herbalizer that is the herbalizer 1 with a rating of 110v and the herbalizer 2 with a rating of 220v.

This two pieces are similar in virtually all features and functions though there are still differences especially on the path of advanced tech.

The herbalizer 2 vaporizer is said to be one of the best engineered vape to ever be made. Just like the herbalizer 110v, the herbalizer 2 brings modern vaping technology into reality.

It is also capable of vaping oils, waxes as well as dry herbs in either the aromatherapy or vapor therapy modes.

One amazing thing about modern vaporizers is that it allows you enjoy materials to the last draw without losing any material to combustion.

It is really amazing that the herbalizer 2 vaporizer is now available in the market and if I were you I would pop up my credit card for a purchase of this unit without a second thought.

I bet you cannot afford not to have a session with this amazing unit which gives you all the advantage as far as vaping is concerned.

Herbalizer Desktop Vape UK

For those who do not know how the herbalizer 2 vaporizer looks like, I am going to give you a picture but you can also check my herbalizer 110v vaporizer review.

It is exactly similar to the herbalizer 110v, having vape balloon bags and integrated whips giving you varieties of vaping methods.

It is highly recommended that the balloon bags be replaced every two months. The herbalizer also allows you to vape in freestyle mode though personally I don’t fancy this vaping mode.

The NASA engineers intelligently designed the herbalizer 2 giving it a much sleek and luxurious looks and an interface that is easy to operate just like its predecessor.

The magnetic snap-lid incorporated into the herbalizer is the first of its kind in the entire vaping industry, which is something vapers have been craving for.

The herbalizer 2 vaporizer when operated in aromatherapy mode will let you vape oils and waxes while when operated in vapor therapy mode would allow you to vape plants and herbs.

The vapor therapy mode allows you to set your preferred temperature from a range of 290 to 445F using the touch screen control.

Herbalizer Temperature Settings

This feature is also relevant to the vapor therapy mode but it is mostly relevant to the vapor therapy mode.

The herbalizer 2 is equipped with a fall-safe mechanism. This mechanism shuts off the unit in the event of a fall or an accidental knock over of the herbalizer.

It invariably shuts off when the equilibrium position of the vaporizer is agitated.

The overall performance of the herbalizer 2 is really commendable, the vapor production is great, works super well with waxes and oil, smells less except if operated at very high temperature and finally it provides you with a great vaping experience.

Overall the herbalizer 2 is an exceptional vapor piece and a must buy for any vape connoisseurs who wishes to vape materials with much control and much amazement as well.

One of the major con of the herbalizer 2 is the price. It is really not a low budget vaporizer but if you can pull the weight, I can assure you of unending vaping pleasures with this piece.

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