Vaporizers have become the coolest, the sexist, and most productive way for you to receive your herbal plants. And 2017 is the year where the crop has been ripened and the fruit is ready to be picked from the vaporizer tree. Only this time the fruit is going to be in the shape of a Pax3, a Firefly 2, or a Mighty Vaporizer.In the past, many vaporizers out there left users feeling like they'd just been mugged on the street. The quality of the product just wasn't up to standard. Vapes  had a tendency to break down, and then when they didn't break down they'd give stoners a poor quality vaping experience.  Issues of combustion with herbal exploding into the air was the story of the day. But thankfully the days of these  second rate devices populating the market seems to be drawing to a close. 



Vaporizers are not only fashionable they're educational.  One could nearly imagine your IQ suddenly ratcheting up a few notches with each inhale of a Pax 3 or a Firefly 2. When you compare this image to someone breathing in a dirty joint the two images are incomparable. On the one hand we have a sleek, professional, classy looking Pax3 and in the other hand we have a filthy looking joint with ashes dripping down the side of it.  In truth, the joint could well have been pulled out of a dumpster- rolled up with some discarded paper fowled on by some flea infested rodent.

The reality is traditional methods of taking your herbs just look disgusting! Something you'd see down some back alley with all sorts of dark and seedy paraphernalia  thrown about the place. But the good thing is that this dark past is now drawing to a close. The savage primitive ways of our prehistoric ancestors is nearly over. And who do we have to thank for this enlightenment? Vaporizers of course! These machines are ushering in a new era of vaping magnificence.



Nowadays, with herbal being legalized in countries across the globe its seems that dabbling in the plant is becoming fashionable. The stigma that may previously have been associated with herbal use seems to waning with each passing year. Of course, one factor that seems to be making herbal more mainstream is that vaporizers are far slicker and cooler than rolling up a joint. Another thing that would weight heavily in favour of herbal is that many celebrities are becoming more and more open about their use of the plant.  Famous singers such as Rhianna and Snoop Dog openly admit that they love the herb and regularly dabble with the plant in order to get the benefits from it. Snoop Dog who has recently launched his own brand of herbal paraphernalia in which you can enjoy your herbs.  The Rapper is also seen regularly taking the herb on social media and on other internet platforms.



Being healthy is one of the sexist things that anyone can do.  Having that healthy glow in your face is one of the first things that people notice when they see you. So where does vaporizers come into this? Once you quit smoking and start vaping you'll receive a whole host of health benefits. It has has been scientifically proven that vaping leads to healthier lungs, heart,  and an overall healthier body.  The reason why vaporizers are so much healthier is because vaping leads to 87.6% less toxins entering into your bloodstream when compared to smoking your plants. This is an era where your lungs and your entire body will thank you for kicking the habits of old and embracing the new.



Typically stoners would have been seen as lazy wastrels spending all of their day stuck in some dirty hovel smoking herbal, but thankfully this incorrect image is being shown up for what it is- nonsense!  People who smoke herbal are now seen as being sexy and charismatic, people who aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd!  And with the advent of vaporizers the level of sexiness has been raised to an entirely new level. When you add in a machine like a Pax3 the level of sexiness just goes off the Richter scale.


In the modern era using a vaporizer is the civilized way to take your herbs. Vaping is the sophisticated state of the art method whereby you can access some of the greatest buzzes your plant materials have to offer. Vaporizers have the power not only to make you sexy they have the power to change your life for the better. Believe me when I talk about these machines you should listen, because I'm the guru of these machines- the master has truly entered the building! Make no mistake about it, this isn't a case of a thirsty man stumbling along in the desert and seeing some mirage in the distance- this will be a case where you'll be drinking at the Oasis of vaporizers.- gorging on the wholesome goodness of vapes like some greedy animal. 



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