What To Choose Pax 2 Or Davinci Iq Vaporizer?

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PAX 2 vs Davinci IQ

As we get warmed up to compare the pax 2 and the davinci IQ vaporizers, one thing you should have at the back of your minds is that we would be talking about two amazing and record breaking vaporizers in the vaping industry.

These two vaporizers are unique in their own ways and have both succeeded in the market.

The pax 2 vaporizer is roughly the same in size as its predecessor pax 1 and also its successor Pax 3.

At first sight I could barely distinguish between them, though the pax 3 possesses this sleek and compact look than the pax 2.

The pax 2 is a portable vaporizer which vaporizers dry herb as well as loose leaves.

The davinci IQ on the other hand has a different size and appearance from its predecessor that is the davinci ascent. In this article, we would be comparing the Pax 2 and the Davinci IQ

Buildup quality

Pax 2 Vaporizer UK

The vapor path of the pax 2 is made from plastic.

The vapor path of the pax 2 is made from medical grade components which constitute plastics which are referred to as food safe meaning they could be utilized in food applications and since they can be used for food applications they are definitely suitable for vaporizer applications as well.

The IQ vapor path features zirconia, Zirconia is one of the materials with the greatest mechanical strength, they are dense in nature and are resilient to wears and tears.

Since the entire vapor path and air path is made from zirconia, a cool, dense and pure quality vapor is produced have more quality than conduction portable vapor.

Battery Life and Charging Options:

The pax 2 features a lithium ion battery and has an improved battery life capable of rendering hours of continuous vaping when initiated on full charge, and when on standby by, it barely uses half of the battery life.

Charging the pax 2 vaporizer is also very convenient because with just a simple plug of the charger into the USB unit and on full charge, the unit can give users 2 to 3 hours of quality vaping session.

The IQ also comes with a replaceable 18650 battery of 3500mAh giving you about 80 minutes vaping time.

The battery which is made from lithium ion can be recharged via the USB port in the case both units offer very good battery life, though the IQ would feature first before the pax 2.

Vapor Production

My Pax 2 vaporizer delivers superb and consistent vapor with no degree of harshness on the throat. 

I would recommend the second and the third vaping temperature level that is 380 F and 400 F as they promise a bigger and better amount of vapor.

The davinci IQ also delivers clean and pure vapor flavors from its zirconia inspired vapor path.

DaVinci IQ Green Vapes UK

When it comes to vapor production, the pax 2 will get my thumbs up but the IQ vapor flavor is something else.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your vaporizer does not only add to the lifespan of your vaporizing unit, it improves the taste of vapor that emanates from the chambers.

Pax vaporizers are known for their simplicity of operation and of course ease of cleaning.

Precaution should be taken when cleaning the vapor path since the alcohol is not always good with plastics, most preferably, soapy water should be utilized instead.

It is recommended that you engage a cleaning session on your pax unit after 10- 15 sessions.

PAX 2 Vaporizer

The davinci IQ is also very easy to clean but one calling it has is that it takes a much longer time in comparison to the pax 2. So the pax 2 slayed it on this one.

Smartphone APP

The Davinci IQ slayed it again on this one because the Pax 2 does not employ the usage of a smartphone App.

The IQ has the smartphone App as one of its major selling point since the App allows for user to have a full control of their device and also revealing several vaping modes that will thrill every user both connoisseurs and beginners.

Final Verdict

Both of these vaporizers are excellent at delivering vapor flavors and when it comes to performance and reliability, they both have what it takes.

But analyzing from the entire factor considered, the Davinci IQ is a better piece in comparison with the pax 2.

DaVinci IQ

So I would recommend you choose the IQ. But if Pax vapes appeals more to you then you could consider upgrading to the Pax 3 which is the latest portable in Pax labs arsenal of vapes.

IQ Review PAX 2 Vape

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