Volcano Classic VS Herbalizer Vaporizer - Best Desktop Vaporizer Race

Storz & Bickel Vaporizers Vaporizer Comparison

The Herbalizer vaporizer and the volcano vaporizers fall under the desktop classification of vaporizers and as far as desktops are concerned they are the two most amazing and lovely vaporizers in the entire vaping industry.

Well in recent times we are beginning to hear the names of portables even more pronounced that the desktops but this has never changed the stands of the Herbalizer and the volcano vaporizers in the industry.

One fact is that Desktop vaporizers are usually known for their bulkiness, conspicuous nature and the fact that they do not suite the lifestyles of people who are always on the go.

Nevertheless, desktops offers the best experience you can think of while vaping as their conspicuous nature accommodates lots of amazing specs and features.

Apart from size and discretion, portable vaporizers cannot in any way compare themselves to desktop vaporizers.

The only challenge with the desktop vaporizer is that they are very expensive and mostly not for low budgets.

But if you can pull the weight, then you will have clouds of smoke as your front yard. 


The Herbalizer and the volcano are two giant desktops and in this article we would be racing both vaporizers and at the end we would reveal in our final verdict who won the race, hoping there would be no casualties.

Both the Herbalizer and the volcano are on top of their game when it comes to vapor quality and vapor density.

But there are some difference and also some uniqueness between these vapes.

The volcano vaporizer was manufactured by Storz and Bickel, same producers of the mighty and the crafty vaporizer.

Volcano Vaporizer

The volcano has remained on the top as the best desktop vaporizer for over a decade not until the Herbalizer dropped from the desk of the NASA ex-boys. Now these two are ranked as the best vaporizers in the world.

One thing I love about the Herbalizer is the fact that it heats up my material within seconds. Imagine that you are good to go in 15 seconds of heating time.

That’s incredible. The volcano on the other hand heats up in a couple of minutes. The Herbalizer also possesses the capability to vape materials with balloons and whips. It is actually one of the few vapes that allows you do this.

They both provide balloon vaping styles anyways but the Herbalizer added the whip to its vaping methods, which puts it ahead of the volcano in terms of vaping method obtainable.

The Herbalizer offers amazing temperature control which can only be done using digital volcano, as the classical volcano does not have such functionality.

Herbalizer Vaporizer

The herb chamber size of the volcano and the Herbalizer constitutes a major difference between these two vapes.

The volcano has a fairly larger and wider size chamber capable of accommodating 0.5grams of materials which means you can vape with your friends and be satisfied.

This does not mean that the volcano cannot use small amounts of materials. The Herbalizer on the other hand has a bit smaller chamber and can hold at least half the material capacity of the volcano in its chamber.

I must say that the differences and advantages of one over the other are really not significant.

Therefore what avails is that both vaporizer are the best and depending on what you look out for in a vaporizer, both vaporizers can provide you with unimaginable vaping sessions. 

Final verdict

Volcano Heating Chamber

The race was quite amazing and believe me both the volcano and the Herbalizer crossed the finish line at the same time.

But if we are to make a choice of who really deserves the gold medal, it would be the volcano, not only because of its consistency throughout the race but because it has proven itself worthy since it was released some 14years ago while the Herbalizer is just barely 2 years in the market now.

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