Volcano Classic Vaporizer - The King of Desktop Vaporizers

The volcano vaporizer is a desktop vaporizer manufactured by the Storz and Bickels same crafters of the mighty and crafty portables. The volcano desktop vaporizer is the first ever product of the prestigious Storz and Bickels manufacturing company. The volcano desktop vaporizer stood on tall among all desktop vapes in the industry and had no contender for 13 years until the herbalizer vaporizer came on board. As soon as the herbalizer dropped down the vape market space, every vaper knew that a revolution is about to take place and as predicted, the herbalizer slayed the volcano in so many areas including build up and new technologies. But it was impossible to steal the glory of the volcano. The volcano classic is still my most beloved vaporizer, though the digits version of it is a bomb, but the classic appeals more to my vaping needs.

Let’s get to see the volcano classic in details to reveal its worthiness and class as the name implies.

Volcano Classic Vaporizer UKOther amazing features of the volcano classic that makes them unique is the valve, it could either be solid or easy valve depending on customer preference. The easy valve as the name implies is characterized by easiness in handling and also requires a minimal maintenance to keep them in good and functional order. There comes a point where the easy valve can no longer serve and at this stage, a replacement is needed which would be delivers as a set with 5 easy valve balloons meaning that attaching a new balloon is no longer necessary. Note that the easy valve filling chamber can be reused all you need do is to clean thoroughly. The solid valve of the volcano classic vaporizer is the standard valve and is the most patronized valve as far as volcano vaporizer is concerned. You can decide to choose its balloon sizes as entities as they come with a box of 3 meter balloons. Replacement of balloons using solid valve could be tricky and would require expertise which is the only con of this valve type.The volcano classic is the first version of the volcano desktop vaporizer. it is an advanced tech vape which supports essential oils and aromatherapy blends, so if you are a lover of concentrates, the volcano classic would accommodate your craving needs, one feature of the volcano classic that distinguishes it from all other desktop vaporizers is the fact that it is designed to remove toxins and harmful by products via its patented technology. The volcano classic supports both the whip and balloon vaping style. The balloon style is the most widely used method as far as classic volcano is concerned and this is because of its many advantages, the balloon style allow users store vapor for up to 8 hours which enables one enjoy flavors independent of the vaporization process thereby making it a suitable method for medical marijuana applications. All of these features when harnessed makes the volcano classic a special vape indeed.

Having a vaporizing unit that is healthy for you lungs is paramount and is becoming the order of the day in the vaping industry since weed particularly is legalized majorly for medical purposes around the world. Well the volcano classic would give you nothing to worry about owning to the fact that it is a medically recommended vaporizer particularly for medical marijuana patients and this is because the vapor from the volcano is flawless and the balloon bag filled with vapor can serve as a dosage in cases where you are out of power to ignite herbs.

When the Storz and Bickels released this wonder and all season vaporizer, it took over the entire market space and till date it is still the pride of the company as this unit slays every contender that stays on its path with its lovely style, design and of course class. So if you are a vape connoisseur that values style and class and you don’t know the volcano classic then we would doubt you sense of fashion, as the volcano classics depicts style from the buildup down to the chambers where massive clouds of tasty hits emanate from.

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