Vaporizer Dos And Don'ts

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Vaporizer Dos And Don'ts

The UK vape scene is rapidly growing but it’s still fairly new. There hasn't been a lot of time for an unwritten ‘code of conduct’ to form. As with any herb scene there should be some level of etiquette (puff, puff pass is just polite) so i’ve taken it upon myself to write a list of vaporizer dos and don’ts. Follow this and you should be set for any eventuality.

Vaporizer Dos and Don'ts

Do Know What Kind Of Vaporizer You Have

There are two main types of vaporizer on the market: convection and conduction. The main difference between these two is the way they heat the herb loaded into them. Convection vapes blow hot air across your herb, working a bit like a fan oven. A conduction vape puts the heating element in direct contact with the herb, working more like an electric hob. Knowing what type of vape you have is very important when you’re selecting the temperature you want to vape at; for example, a conduction vaporizer heats up faster but also has an increased risk of combustion, so you want to take this into account when selecting a temperature.

Don’t Scrimp

A quality vape is an investment, but it’s worth every penny. The health benefits are versatility well worth it alone, not to mention how it cuts down on herb wastage! However a cheap vape won’t give you the same results or vape experience and comes with an increased risk of combustion, nasty plastic taste (from the cheap materials) and a shockingly low battery life!

Do Grind Your Herb

Though you can load roughly broken up herb into the vape it won’t produce the best result and you’ll also be faced with more wastage. Grinding your herb in a specialised grinder will allow you to get a more consistent texture and increase the surface area exposed to the heat of the chamber. This means you’ll enjoy a much more consistent vapor and have to deal with far less wastage.

Don’t Over-Pack The Chamber

Grinding your herb means that you can pack more in, be careful when doing this. Packing too much finely ground herb into a conduction vape will result in combustion of the herb touching the heating element and wastage of any remaining herb. While overloading a convection vape will restrict airflow, leading to a thinner vapor!

Do Take Long, Slow Hits

When you’re drawing from a vape it’s best to start your session off with long, slow draws. This gives the vapor a chance to build up in the airpath. If you start your session off with a few of these long draws all subsequent draws should be nice and dense!

Don’t Take Short Sharp Hits

Taking a short, sharp draw on a vaporizer can cause particles of herb to get pulled into the airpath or even into your mouth! It’ll also lead to a thin, impotent vapor, and the particles in the airpath can cause blockages, leading to a further reduction in vapor quality. It’s best to just take it easy, you won’t regret it.

Do Clean Your Vape Regularly

Over several sessions a resin can begin to build up inside the unit. This resin can cause a whole host of issues if ignored. It can cause blockages, combustion, and a foul taste in your vapor. Take some time and regularly clean out your chamber and airpath with a small brush and solution. Our entire range of cleaning solutions can be found here, and will help you clear away any resin build up in your vaporizer

Don’t Use Old Screens

Some vapes come with small screens to prevent particles from being sucked into the airpath. As with the chamber, over time you may find that resin begins to build up on the screen. Eventually this will start to clog it and it’s very important to switch it out for a clear one. Using an old screen will just lead to a nasty taste, poor vapor, and wasted herb! You can find clean screens here, to ensure that you always have a good supply.

Do Carry Spare Batteries

Most good quality vapes will have a decent battery life, generally 2 - 3 hours on a full charge. But if you’re going to be away from an outlet for a long time you might find your battery dying mid session! A quick and easy fix for this is to simply carry a spare battery! Simple as that. Double the battery means double the vape time. Check out our range of batteries and never risk running out of power again!

Don’t Vape In Public

Vaporizers are sleek subtle devices and they really cut down on that lingering herb smell, but they don’t cut it out completely! Err on the side of caution and avoid vaping in public, many people would find it rude and some other, of the uniformed persuasion, may take further issue and start asking awkward questions!

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