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Let me formally welcome you to this vaporizer review session. It is evident that you are not a novice to vaporizers and their advantages to tune ones smoking experience by means of eliminating the health risks associated with smoking joints or blunts, well that’s by the way. In this article we will be unveiling everything you need to know about the vapium summit vaporizer particularly on the new technology featured in this unique vapor piece, so grab a cold beer as this session is going to be interesting.

Let’s get down history lanes first of all, the vapium summit is a vaporizer manufacturing company that was founded by renowned clean energy advocated by the name Michael Trzecieski. This wonderful vapor piece because of the unique position the founder, has been getting lots and lots of attention in the vaping industry and some persons refer to it that the triple R, that is; Rugged, Reliable and refined. To establish the secret behind this unimaginable waves of commendation, we decided to try out the vapium summit portable vaporizer and the result of our findings are noted as follows.

Vapium summit plus vape UK

Buildup Quality

The vapium summit vaporizer is a durable vapor piece and this is evident from the rugged nature of the unit, it is made of very hard plastic materials, so that the exterior can comfortably accommodate the interior parts of the unit. The materials employed in the build of Vapium Summit’s air pathway and heating chamber are medical grade and food safe which is peculiar to any good quality vaporizer. The insulation on the body of the vapium summit gives it a good look and most importantly you won’t feel the body of the device getting too hot when you use it.

Still on the buildup of the vapium summit, it also features a magnetic heating chamber and this makes it easy for the lid to be replaced though overtime you will begin to discover that the heat from the heating chamber and the battery will begin to weaken the magnets thereby allowing materials to spill of since the lid no longer tightens well. I also discovered that the vapor pathway of the vapium summit is not removable thereby making clean up a bit difficult.

Vapor Quality

The quality of vapor that you will get from the Vapium Summit is definitey worth the price tag of the device, it would satisfy your cravings in few hits, though the hits could be somewhat irritating atimes. Overall the vapor quality you get from the vapium summit is quite commendable but due to the harshness one might experience, they might not be the best units for beginners.

Ease of Usage

The vapium summit vaporizer has several new technology that enhances the easy usage of this unit. To use the vapium, you are required to turn on the unit by rapidly clicking the power button 5 times and with the 8 temperature settings of the unit, you can enjoy your herbs pleasurably without paying attention to risks because all possible risks are eliminated. There is a light sequence users should familiarize themselves with for an easy going operation, each of the battery light is significant and depending on the glowing brightness, one can be sure battery level you are at.

The vapium summit also has an auto shut off of 90 seconds which will definitely not be cool when vaping with friends but since it is manufacturers decision, you would have to deal with it.

Other new tech features of the vapium summit is the haptic feedback which is sought of a vibration notification that allows users know when their herb is readily cooked even without looking at it. This function also helps to notify users of the battery level and other operations on the unit.

The unit can also be charged using spring solar chargers which further means that the unit can be used for outdoor or adventure vaping. This is to compliment for the flaw of a very short battery life which the vapium summit possesses.

To master this usage techniques, it is advised that you flip through the pages of the unit’s instructional manual. Though it seems so easy to use but it is not about knowing how to use them but knowing how to get the best out of it. The vapium summit vaporizer is indeed a worthy vape.

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