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Vapir Rise Vaporizer UK

Vapir, the most trusted name in the vaping industry today and believe me, the wave of patronage recorded on every single piece released for retail, tells it all.

Vapir incorporation was birthed in 1997 and at that time there were few digital vaporizers in the vaping market and in 2002, they released their first ever vapor piece to the market which is the Vapir digital air and ever since then the Vapir became the pace setter among digital vape manufacturers.

The Vapir today has lots of vaporizers in their arsenal, ranging from desktops to vape pens, all bagging digital features and observing vape functions to the latter.

Vaporizers by Vapir includes the vapir pen, prima, VapirRise 2.0, vapir no2 v2, and the Oxygen mini vaporizers.

In this article we are going to be reviewing the VapirRise vaporizer and hopefully reach a conclusion as to why it is the best among the vapir products.

The VapirRise on in short the Rise is a multi-purpose vaporizer, by multipurpose, we mean the ability to vaporize loose leafs as well as essential oil, and the most amazing aspect of this unit is the fact that it does this multi-function effectively that is the efficiency of one does not affect the other.

This amazing vaporizer is the latest vapor piece in the vapir product line which is sought of a successor to the famous and widely loved vapir no2.

The VapirRise’s modern and polished looks would already send a signal that very high quality components were employed in its build up.

Before we get lost in the amazement of this unit, let’s get to see what is contained in the VapirRise box. You would find the following;

VapirRise vaporizer, 1 power cord, a herb chamber, an oil chamber, adapters (balloon, inhalation, multi-use and chamber adapters), a chamber handling tool, a balloon clamp, air filters, 3 average sized balloons, 3 large screens, 3 silicon tubes, 2 mouthpieces and finally the user manual.

In case you could not find any of these items in the box, do not fret because there is a return policy.

Build Quality

Vapir Rise with Balloon

The VapirRise is built with the best of material component you ca think of. At first sight, you cannot help but marvel at this wonder piece.

The unique LCD touch pad featured in this unit gives it a modern and luxurious looks that appeals to virtually everyone.

The cool blue LED that displays when the unit is on definitely looks great as well.

Most of the VapirRise parts are made of high grade plastics and it is believed that plastics inspired vaporizers would make users worry less when their units mistakenly drops to the ground unlike the glass or ceramic inspired ones.

In the same way some persons would say that vapor with taste of plastic is not pleasant but this is not a concern because plastics do not feature in the vapor path and even if they do, the plastics utilized are the best grade.

Vapor Quality

Good Vapor quality is every connoisseurs want in a vaporizer and if it is compromised, patronage would certainly be altered negatively.

Though many users have complained that the temperature level of the VapirRise only reaches 400F (204˚C) but despite this shortcoming as users would say, the VapirRise still delivers tasty vapor flavors within this temperature range.

This might not really be appealing to active stoners but the vapor quality is pleasant and flavor filled.

Ease of Use

Vapir Rise with Bubbler

Considering the lengthy list of components that features with the VapirRise vaporizer, one would naturally think it is a very complex device.

This is not far from correct but it is one of the easiest to use despite its complex assembly.

Using the VapirRise is very easy, all you need do is flip carefully through the pages of the owner’s manual for usage instructions.

Though it is not as intuitive as other vapor pieces but you are sure to master the mode of operation after one or two time usage.

Other features and functions

Apart from having a good vapor quality with herbs as well as essential oils, the VapirRise offers user vaping options, either using the whip, hookah attachment and the popular balloon style.

The hookah attachment is definitely a plus to the VapirRise because it is uncommon in the industry.

The multi-person whip adapter is also another unique feature of the VapirRise, allowing multiple users mount on the multiple tubes inserted into the unit.

Though it is advised that draws be taken one at a time when vaping with up to 3 persons.

Overall the VapirRise is a wonderful vapor piece and one thing I love about this unit is that it uses its cons to its advantage.

This is definitely my preferred choice vaporizer among the vapir product.

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