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Linx Hypnos Zero

Linx technologies are the pioneers or the brains behind the Linx vaporizers and without reservations, the Linx technologies though still newbies in the industry have a created a remarkable mark that the industry would not forget so easily.

Linx have evolved from being just a product name to a revolutionary icon in the industry and all of this I attained in no more than 2 years. Quite impressive I must say.

The Linx technologies prides itself with amazing pieces with advancement in technology and this is evident in every of their vapor products.

It would interest you to know that Linx does not have a single analog vaporizer in its arsenal.

With over 5 different vape types in their arsenal, Linx vaporizers have revealed their intentions of being the number 1 in every market when it comes to style, fashion and performance in vaporizer, and this they have been able to achieve in the space of about 4 years in the industry today.

All Linx vaporizers offer unique features and vaping possibilities to users, believe me you would be amazed at the level of high you get from their sleek and compact units.

Notable Linx vaporizers includes the Gaia, the Hermes, and the Ares. Evidently, this vapor pieces have proven to be worthy in style, good quality hits, high performance and efficiency levels but they could never contend with the Hypnos zero.

The Hypnos zero is a contender vapor piece that sweeps off everybody in its path be it friend or foe.

Hypnos Zero UK

In this article I would be reviewing in details the Hypnos zero by Linx technologies and hopefully establish the reason why you should update your vaporizer to this wonder piece.

The Linx Hypnos zero is a wax pen and like every other wax pen out there, they are portable and come in different shapes and sizes.

In recent times, wax pens are now more of art works than just a sleek unit that produces vapor.

The Hypnos zero is by far the most stylish and beautiful wax pen in the industry, this you can testify to at first sight.

In a jiffy we would be looking into the functions of this vapor piece and if you had nurtured the idea that it traded its functions for fashion then you better rephrase your thoughts because you are about to be taken by a storm.

Buildup Quality

Linx Hypnos Zero Vaporizer

The introduction part of this piece reveals that the Hypnos zero is a gorgeous and fashionable vapor piece.

The Hypnos zero is very portable, having a length dimension of about 11 cm while weighing just 46 grams, meaning it can be easily concealed in pockets and purses without notice.

It would also interest you to know that the Hypnos zero finish is stainless steel inspired while the mouth piece features glass, basically to improve the vapor flavors that is emanating from Hypnos zero chambers.

The atomizer which is more like the engine house a vape pen is made of ceramic, having air holes on the exterior shell of the stainless steel finishing of the unit.

The overall design / build up of the Hypnos zero like the reverse donut design etc. all functions to help cook your plant materials well enough to produce flavorful vapor.

Temperature settings

Linx Hypnos Zero Pen Vape

 The Hypnos zero wax pen offer users 4 different temperature levels which would be utilized in customization of sessions.

While the downward 2 temperatures is bent on creating a flavor filled vaping experience, the upward 2 temperatures functions to creates thick or larger clouds of vapor.

With 3 clicks on the power button, temperatures would be adjusted as desired

Vapor Quality

The Hypnos zero gives off good quality of tasteful vapor courtesy of the ceramic heating chamber and the donut shaped atomizer.

So when you talk about a wax pen that merges both production of good flavors and also clouds of vapor all in one unit, then we talk about the Hypnos zero.

It was discovered however that the highest temperature yielded the nicest of vapor clouds but not as thick as a coil shape atomizers would render.

Battery Life

Linx Hypnos Zero Vape Pen

 The Hypnos Zero has a battery capacity 650 mAh battery, an average battery life of a wax pen.

You could go a full day before needing a recharge, though this is dependent on the temperature settings.

I personally feel the battery should be a bit higher than what it is right now but come to think of it, that will be more weight.

Overall, The Linx Hypnos is very easy to use and I think it is the reason for the waves of commendation it gets from the industry.

The quality of vapor that emanates from the Linx Hypnos Zero is quite commendable at least for a unit of its size and price tag.

So if you desire to transform your vaping experience positively, I suggest you update to the latest Hypnos zero by Linx technologies. 

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