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Concentrate vaping is gradually becoming the order of the day in the vape industry and it keeps the pace of acceleration, gaining popularity by the day because medical marijuana have become a norm in various nations of the world.

Concentrates as we know are extracts from herbal materials and it is believed that burning herbs produces chemical compounds that are poisonous to the body and this is the basis for the switch over to concentrates.

There are vaporizers of different categories that have proven their worthiness in terms of vaporizing concentrates and not just vaporizing them but efficiently.

In this article we shall be looking at 5 distinct vapes that the industry would live to remember as far as concentrate vaporizers are concerned. Enjoy the session.

K Stick Vaporizer

K Vape Vaporizer

The k stick wax vaporizer is such an exceptional wax pen manufactured by Kandy pens, designers of the best vaporizer pens in the entire vaping industry.

It was such a marvel when Kandy pens dropped this sleek and slim vapor piece for retail.

You could tell that this piece would create a scene at the waves of patronage the unit had few days after its official release date.

This unit is the typical illustration of perfection in concentrate vaping. The k-stick vaporizer features a high performance levels which ensures that users get an unimaginable yet pleasurable hits from the unit.

Dr. Dabber ghost pen

dr dabber ghost pen vape uk

The Dr. Dabber Ghost wax Vaporizer is a high-quality portable wax or concentrate vaporizer that also has the ability to vape essential oils, and guess what, it does this effectively leaving behind in the chamber little or no residue.

This efficiency can be likened to the unique atomizer which this unit possesses. The coils in each atomizer of the Dr. Dabber wax vape is made from high-quality titanium, resistant to heat and temperature.

Overall, when it comes to vapor quality and performance, only few vaporizer can raise a shoulder for the Dr. Dabber Ghost as far as concentrate vaping is concerned.


Micro G Vaporizer

micro g vape uk

Micro G-pen vaporizers is a vape pen manufactured by the Grenco science and it was designed to do justice to concentrates efficiently leaving no residues behind.

The vapor quality of the Micro G Vaporizer is quite commendable as the coil of the atomizer produces just enough heat to vaporizer you waxes or oils and not too much to lead to combustion.

One of the major disadvantages of this unit is that the vapor produced is still hot causing irritation on the throat and a hot feeling on the tongue and this is due to the short distance between the heating coil and the mouthpiece.

Linx Hypnos zero

Linx Hypnos Vape UK

The Linx Hypnos zero is yet another wonder concentrate vapor piece from the Linx technologies and this piece is still enjoying amazing and commendable level of patronage till date in the vape market.

The quality of vapor that emanates from the Linx Hypnos Zero is quite commendable at least for a unit of its size and price tag.

It Features an all ceramic heating chamber and it is very to use. All you need do is power up the unit using the power button, adjust the temperatures settings to taste, load the atomizer with concentrates or e juices and off you go into the world of unforgettable vaping pleasures.

This five vapes are undoubtedly the top 5 concentrates vaporizers of all times, so if you desire a concentrate vaporizer or your current piece is not living up to expectations, you could try out one of this and thank me later.

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