The Pax 3 Vaporizer Review

PAX Vaporizers Vaporizers Review

Pax 3 Oven LidThe latest release from Pax Vapor covered in this Pax 3 vaporizer review is the Pax vaporizer 3, which is an upgraded version of the Pax 2. On the surface this is very much the same vaporizer with no notable changes except the Pax 3 vape can be purchased in a matt option. Don’t get us wrong, there are some significant changes, but they are mostly on the inside. Pax have made big improvements to the heating speed, presets, battery life and the vaporizers ability to connect to the users “smart” device.

This vaporizer can be used with dry herb or concentrate thanks to the dual chamber feature, which is a great upgrade from it predecessor, which only vaporized dry herbs.

Size and Design 

You might be hard pushed to see the differences in design between a Pax 2 and a Pax 3; nothing much has changed.

To be honest from a design point Pax didn’t really need to change anything, as this is a very elegant vaporizer that is nicely designed and small enough to fit your purse or pocket.

In fact, it doesn’t look that much like most people’s idea of a vaporizer at all. If you are all about the aesthetics of a design, then Pax 3 is a real winner.

And if the previously shiny surface and its ability to attract fingerprints put you off, then the matte finish solves that problem. 

This is a very light vaporizer weighing in at 93 grams and the anodized aluminium body makes it as durable as it is light. It is also on the compact size at 9.8 cm x 3 cm x 2.1 cm.

Check out our Comparison Blog to see how the Pax 3 measures up against its biggest competitors!

The lid of the vaporizer attaches securely using a magnet and even for those people who are not that tech savvy it is simple to assemble and then use.

It also comes with a half pack lid meaning the Pax 3 can be used without having to pack too many herbs in - so, a good vape with less material. 

When it comes to cleaning the screen, the design of the chamber can make things a tiny bit tricky and if you don’t keep on top of cleaning the vaporizer out then the performance of the unit might drop a little.

However, these are small niggles that most people would expect with a vape of this size. There are a wide range of accessories and additions to improve you Pax Vaporizer of any generation - Check them out here!

Pax 3 App Compatible

Heating and Battery

This is a vaporizer that uses conduction technology, and unfortunately this just doesn’t always offer the user the full flavour experience that they can get from a convection method. This is one area that hasn’t been altered from the Pax 2.  

It does however heat up in just 15 seconds and has the advantage of giving haptic feedback so you know exactly when to start using it.

Using a Pax charger full charge is ready in just 90 minutes (2 hours 30 mins with conventional USB) and full charge lasts between 8 and 10 sessions.


There is no denying the Pax 3 is a rather beautiful, elegant vaporizer, and if you are something of a vaping nerd then the upgrades from the Pax 2 might be right up your street.

If you love gadgets that do it all and want a vaporizer that is sleek and discrete then the Pax 3 could be well worth a look. 

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