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One of the great things about vaporizers is that they permit you to reuse herbal that has already been vaped(ABV).

There are many ways that you can use the ABV, and in this blog I intend to give you some clear examples as to how you can utilize your excess herbal. 

Reusing ABV material has become very popular and people have been sending me messages trying to find out what's the best way to take advantage of these extra herbs.

In this blog I intend to shed some light on this subject, and of course, as always, I will be the guinea pig  testing everything out for you first.

Not only will I be testing everything out, I will be showing you ways that you can save money and utilize every last drop of herbal you have.

Because when you think of it why would anyone want to waste some of their precious herbs when in many cases they can reuse the herb and get some delightful experiences? 

This is what is blog is about how to not only use your ABV but to utilize it to its maximum.


The answer to this question is that the strength of your ABV may vary depending on a number of different factors.

If you vape at a very high temperature this will effect your ABV negatively. The rule of thumb is that the higher the temperature the more of your herb will be vaped, and thus, this will result in a lesser quality ABV. 

Another thing that will influence the strength of the ABV is how powerful you draw from your vaporizer.

For example, slower more long winded drags seem to extract more material than shorter  sharper drags.

The darker your ABV is the lesser the quality of it, and obliviously the lighter the colour  the better the quality of the material.

From my own personal experience I have to say that if the material is really dark then it just isn't worth saving. Any of the other lighter colours you should feel free to begin utilizing.


Cooking AVB

Yes, it is safe to eat ABV as your herbs have been heated up and this ensures that they are safe to eat. 

The issues arise when your herbs haven't been burned or vaped causing you to fail to achieve the buzz.

The main thing to ensure is that your herbs aren't too black and if they aren't you can eat away until hearts content.

Also, please ensure that you don't eat too much at the beginning, as it can take nearly an hour or more in some cases for the effects to hit you. 

Make sure when starting out to take a SMALL AMOUNT until you get to know what dosage suits you best.

The reason why your herbal needs to be cooked is that in order to activate the psychoactive compounds the plant must be heated up.

The beauty about vaporizing is that it allows you to ingest the ABV without having to cook it or oil it beforehand.

One option you have is to sprinkle your ABV over peanut butter or oil and then digest in that way, as this leaves the herbal with less of a dour taste.

Another option you can take advantage of is to grind your ABV into very fine material and then put it inside some butter.

How you go about this is: you put the AVB into a bowl where you butter is located, heat it up gently, add some water, stir occasionally, and then let the mixture settle very slowly on low heat for a number of hours. 

Once you have all of that done you should allow the mixture to cool very gently, and then put it into the fridge for a number of hours.  

As soon as its ready the butter will begin to form into a solid layer, and any water at the top you can throw away.


I decided to put my ABV into a bowl and mix it up with some peanut butter. 

I mixed the ABV up really well with the butter until it was a nice texture and I felt I was ready to go.

When I was finished I had enough for roughly two peanut butter sandwiches. My friend who was with me also mixed up some, so in total we had enough for about 4 sandwiches.

Both of us put our bowls in the microwave for 2 minutes. As soon as you  take the mix out from the microwave you'll notice a pretty horrible smell, but don't let that deter you.

Both of us then proceeded to make a sandwich which was pretty gross, but we still ate it down. 

I  was beginning to feel the effects after about 30 minutes and I was definitely beginning to feel pretty buzzed.

When I peered into the mirror I could see that my eyes where pretty red and bloodshot, and after seeing this I felt that I was on the verge of having a panic attack.

But after a while I calmed down, and settled into a nice buzzed state. After about 7 hours the buzz had weared off. 

It was an experience that would teach me to be more cautious in the future. I felt that my initial panicky reaction had been caused by putting too much ABV in the bowl.

It was my first time using it so I was a bit of a Guinea Pig, but in future experiences I've learned how much ABV I can take, and so I've had far more pleasurable experiences.



How long is a piece of string? This question isn't very easy to answer because so many other factors come into the equation.

What you'll need to consider is what quality is the ABV, how do you normally tolerate herbal, and how fast your metabolism normally works.

What I did notice was that I felt a nice buzz starting to hit me when I took about 2 grams of yellowish ABV.

But remember to take a SMALL AMOUNT when starting out with until you get to know what amount suits you best.

As I've already said in the blog eating ABV and other herbal can take a while to kick in and the last thing you want to have is some terrible experience.

Smoking and eating herbal are two totally different things, so I just want the new user to be aware of the difference. 


Stoned Couple

I found that an ABV high produces a more delicate high rather than some of the more impactful ones you might associate with pure herbal.

The high I received  was just perfect, I wasn't too buzzed and I wasn't too clear headed either- it was just perfect. 

I noticed that an ABV high has a tendency to soothe and relax sore muscles. The thing about ABV is that it contains more CBD than THC and CBD has a tendency to  make you relaxed and more chilled out.

The highs can last for nearly 6 hours and if you want to prolong them I would recommend using a vaping bowl.

One point of caution I would like everyone to note of is that you should try and stay awake rather than fall asleep when taking ABV as on one occasion I wasn't feeling anything, feel asleep, and then when I woke up I was buzzing and kind of freaked out at the same time.


I noticed that If I ate the ABV on an empty stomach that my belly would begin having issues.

The reason I feel I encountered this problem is because ABV may be harder to digest on an empty stomach.

One way to counter act this issue is to eat a light snack beforehand such as a yogurt, piece of toast, or milk which can help your digestive system to kick into action. 

Always remember to dose very low when trying out ABV for the first time as you never know what kind of reaction your system will have to it.

My recommendation when starting out is to take a small bit of ABV and then make sure to wait a few hours until you see what  kind of reaction you get.

You don't want to make the rookie mistake of taking a load of ABV and then taking some more just because you haven't gotten any effects straight away.

The thing about ABV is it can take a while to hit, so be patient, and don't go charging in and eating all around you as this may end in disaster resulting in you experiencing a nasty overdose.


Using ABV is an excellent way to utilize all of your herbs to the maximum degree. You wont experience one morsel of waste when you begin taking advantage of your ABV. 

And like I've already shown above there are multiple ways in which you can use your herbs for your own advantage.

The main thing to take into account is the colour of the ABV, and how much of it you are intending to use.

Like I have already touched on, you must be very cautious when using large doses, in particular when starting out. When you get to know the dose that is right for you, you'll most certainly have a very pleasurable experience. In finishing I have to say that using ABV is an excellent way to enjoy your herbs without having to waste one single strand of it, and as the old saying goes 'waste not, want not.' 

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