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The Linx GAIA vaporizer is one the many worthy vapor pieces of the Linx vaporizers arsenal.

The Linx GAIA is a portable dry herb vaporizer that operates a dual conduction/ convection heating technology and features an all quartz heating chamber which can be prided as been the first of its kind in the entire vaping industry.

Linx GAIA like any other Linx vaporizer are designed with quality and precision and whenever you hold on to a Linx inspired product you are sure of good quality, synonymous to the feeling one gets when using an apple product.

The quartz inspired heating chamber gives a feel of satisfaction when visualized through the walls of the unit because it is a see-through device.

The vapor quality of the GAIA is next to none, believe me the euphoria of high I got from the Linx GAIA got me craving for dope almost throughout that week.

I discovered that the quartz heating chamber contributes greatly to the pure and clean vapor flavors that is dissipated from the Linx GAIA vaporizer. Though the quartz material is resilient to heat but it will shatter easily than its ceramic or metal counterparts. Another amazing feature of the Linx GAIA is the less restriction in airflow of the vaporizer in comparison to that of normal air.

You cannot talk about the Linx GAIA without appraising the ease of usage of this device.

This ease of usage is as a result of the precise temperature control and the large LED display it features.

In this article, we are going to be discussing the tactics on how to use the Linx GAIA to enable vape with pleasure and also get the best out of your herbs in this device.

One very lovely and amazing features of the Linx GAIA portable dry herb vaporize that makes it easy to use is the precise temperature control and the big LED display it offers.
To get to know how to use the Linx GAIA require one to know the control buttons and their functions first of all.

The Linx GAIA has 3 buttons, one which represents the power button, the other two are for temperature control and adjustment. Let me show you some usage tactics for effective usage of this amazing unit.

Linx Gaia Chamber

    1. Powering the Linx GAIA dry herb vaporizer is the first hurdle and this hurdle can be passed by initiating 5 rapid clicks on the power button, also note that the unit also turns off in the same manner.
    2. Loading the unit with your desired herbs is the next hurdle which can be achieved by simply twisting the mouth piece of the unit, thereby exposing the heating chamber in which you fill in your evenly ground herbs preferably using the packing tool which is included in the box containing the Linx GAIA device.
    3. Remember to screw the mouth piece after filling the chamber with your herbs, this could be inconvenient at times but you would have to deal with it carefully so as not to damage your vapor piece.
    4. Adjusting your temperature is very vital during any vaping session and as a matter of fact if you go too high in temperature adjustment, you could end up combusting your herbs which would not be pleasing to your vaping session and it could also compromise your health as a person.Girl Vaping with Gaia
    5. So it is advisable you vaporize your herbs in your GAIA vaporizer between 290F to 310F, personally I get very high as soon as I get to 305 but to get my peak of high on weed, I extend to 310F. Note that the LED display makes it easy monitor your temperature level, so your eyes should be glued to them.
    6. You could read and adopt all the tactics and techniques to use the Linx GAIA vaporizer so as to get the best out of the device, but if you do not clean and maintain the device, you would still end up at same spot of not getting the best from your vapor piece. Luckily for us, cleaning the Linx GAIA is very easy courtesy of the quartz inspired heating chamber. So you would not need to scrub too much to get rid of dirt’s and clogged herbs.
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