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Portable vaporizers are becoming the other of the day in the vaping industry today and both manufacturers and vape users cannot deal with that.

One very amazing thing you witness in portables today is their discrete and compact nature which gives you an urge to get stoned.

You are going to be hearing much about being stoned in this article because I am an active user of portable vapes.

Puffit 2 Vape UK

The PUFFIT 2 vaporizer is another portable vaporizer that has taken a cool ride into the vape market, taken along with it waves of patronage from both vape connoisseurs and also newbies.

The PUFFIT 2 looks so compact somewhat like a medical inhaler and you can actually conceal them in your shirt pockets without it been noticed.

This vapor piece is very easy to use and guess what, this is my third year vaping weed from the PUFFIT 2 vaporizer unit, and I can confidently tell you that the PUFFIT 2 is a wonder both in efficiency and performance levels.

In this article, I would from experience and research be establishing the fact why you should consider the PUFFIT 2 vaporizer for your daily use.

PUFFIT 2 vaporizer is a very light weighted vapor piece and very easy to slide in to pockets and purses, they are also ergonomically convenient when held in the hands. So if you are a lover of portables, this unit would definitely appeal to you.

The PUFFIT 2 vaporizer heats up in seconds and this is due to the heating system and temperature options of the unit.

The PUFFIT operates or relies on conduction heating methods, having four preset temperatures ranging from 320F to 415F (170C – 220C).

Adjusting the temperature settings is extremely easy in PUFFIT 2 vaporizer.

Personally I enjoy weed at the peak value that is 220C, but if you are just a beginner, I suggest you take shelter at the third temperature level that is 205C.

the PUFFIT is meant for both loose leafs as well as concentrates but I have not tried out wax or concentrates in it because I am not a fan of concentrates but friends tell me they enjoy concentrates on this unit at max temperature as well.

The PUFFIT 2 vaporizer chamber can hold up to 0.2 gram of evenly ground dry herb, may be up to 0.25 when packed carefully, you are sure to get good hits from 1-2 draws from your PUFFIT 2 averagely per pack of 0.2 grams amount to an average of 5- 7 hits throughout the day.

The PUFFIT 2 vaporizer employs a USB charging system and features a lithium ion battery which is directly attached to the bowl.

The battery life of unit is sufficient to take you on a vaping tour for hours before it goes out.

After about 3 months of my usage of the PUFFIT 2 vaporizer, I discovered that I could get fill up my bowl about 4 times before I eventually run out of battery power which is quite sufficient for me to get stoned, I also discovered that it takes a few minutes over an hour to get the unit fully charged using the right charging system.

Overall, the PUFFIT vaporizer is one of the best portable that you can utilize for every day usage, luckily the unit is not overpriced, retailing under a $100 and yet still performs excellently.

As earlier said I have been using this unit for up to 3 years now on daily usage I can confidently recommend it any day and anytime.

The only challenge I had with my PUFFIT 2 unit about 2 years was a faulty power button which I replaced immediately and ever since then my unit has being in a good working order and I get hit averagely once in 2 days since when I it was delivered to me .

But note that the PUFFIT 2 vaporizer is not meant for long sessions, so in case you come across any review that addresses this feature as a con, see it as a shallow assumption to take you off the radar of this awesome piece.

The PUFFIT 2 unit bags a 1 year manufacturer warranty which covers any defect in design or craftsmanship.

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