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In the duel between the Pax 3 and the Firefly 2 we have a vaporizing battle of such momentous significance that it will to roar down through the pages of vaporizing history. Tales will be whispered about how the Pax 3 gave highs of such sublime quality that men fell onto their knees in homage before the vaporizer. People will talk about how the sheer presence of the Firefly 2 caused mass hysteria and fainting. Make no mistake about it, the PAX 3 and the Firefly 2 are the two kings of the vaporizing world, but not the tyrannical kind of kings that history has become accustomed with, but  benevolent and kind kings who look after their subjects by dispensing herbal nirvana to the masses.

Since the dawn of time many great battles have been fought that have captured the imagination of the public. In 493bc, the Battle of Thermopylae was fought when King Leonidas and his 300 warriors stood against 20,000 Greek soldiers and managed against all odds to hold off the Greek army  for nearly a week. In spite of Leonidas capitulation his heroic deeds are still remembered today.  

In the battle of Waterloo, Napoleon Bonaparte, finally met his match when he came up against Britain's Duke of Wellington. But even though it was Wellington who won the battle, it is the little Corsican General who is remembered as a revered figure to be emulated and studied by modern day military strategists.  

 These ancient battles are instructive in that we have all the tales of human emotion ever recorded , tragedy, triumph, and victory all interwoven into a single tale of historical significance.  And similarly,  when the history of vaporizers are written   PAX 3 v Firefly 2  will have all the ingredients of a classic that will be remembered through the ages. Because these two vaporizers are no ordinary mortals. The PAX 3 and the Firefly are two products that have reached the pinnacle of human endeavour and achievement.





Lets start of with The Pax 3, which is a vaporizer that is pushing the boundaries when it comes to vaping excellence.  What Pax Labs have produced here is a vaporizer that is at the pinnacle of human ingenuity and human genius. A few years ago, some people might have considered a vaporizer of this  quality as being an impossibility, but Pax Labs have proved people wrong. With the Pax 3, the naysayers, the doubters, the people who said it couldn't be done have not only been proven wrong they have been made to look silly.

Whilst the Pax3 may look very similar to its predecessor, when you dig a little deeper you'll discover that the device has many  excellent upgrades and superb new features. One of the new features is the extra fast heating up time which acts to heat your herbs in a matter of seconds. The smart phone app is another  superb extra which provides you with excellent  overall control of your machine.  When using the PAX3, with your dry herbs, you'll soon discover that the vaporizer is superior to most others on the market. The device has tendency and habit to supply you with a hit of such exceptional quality that you'll nearly be tempted to throw every other vaporizer you've ever bought into the dumpster.

The design of the  PAX 3 is smooth and polished, and is available in four separate colours, so everyone needs can be accommodated. A very handy magnetic chamber snaps back into place when you charge the device and this makes sure that your herbs are always safely secured into place. The Pax comes with a flat mouthpiece that is inserted into the top of the machine, and you will also have the option of using a larger mouthpiece that will extend over the edges a little bit. On a personal level, I liked the flat mouthpiece as I found it far more convenient to draw from, and in my opinion, it looks far more stylish on the PAX.

Everything about the PAX 3 compared to the original PAX 2 is superior. For example, the PAX 3 has increased the battery from 3000mah to 3500mah, and this battery gets the device heated up in a matter of seconds.The sensors on the new device are also a thing to behold, with the lip sensing technology almost providing a telepathic knowledge as to when your lips are going to touch the device. The feedback system also does a tremendous job in communicating information about temperature and other information. After using the machine for a while you'd nearly be forgiven for believing that the PAX3 was a living and breathing creature. Overall, the PAX3 is a far more intelligent, sophisticated, and productive  machine in comparison to many of the alternatives on offer.


To get the PAX3 operating all you have to do is press the button located at the top of the device and the machine will almost instantly roar into action.  If you want to change the temperature setting all you have to do is hold the button for 2 seconds and the temperature control system will be operational. You will then see that there are 4 pre set temp levels and to select one of them just press the button at the top of the vaporizer.  If you want to find out your battery level just shake the vaporizer and the battery level will appear.  If you desire to turn off the device just click the power button one time and the machine will be put to sleep.

One of the best features of the new PAX3 is the smart phone app that is available for iOS and Android phones. This app facilitates precise temperature control, as well as facilitating a whole host other features. When I downloaded the app, I discovered  that I could adjust and control the temperature with a simple flip of the finger. The app also give you the power to control LED brightness, play games, perform certain upgrades, and lock the device. If an upgrade is available you'll receive a notification and you'll be able to install this upgrade via the downloaded app.  Its important to note that the app has 4  heating profiles- Stealth, Boost, Efficiency, and the Flavour mode which are all optimized to help you receive the most flavourful vape


Its important to note that when preparing your herbs  for the PAX 3 you should always use a grinder beforehand so your herbs are a nice texture for when you put them into the chamber. When you pack your herbs into the chamber pack them in fairly tight, but do try and make sure that there still is room for air in the chamber. A very handy feature is the half oven lid, which facilitates less material at a more efficient rate. Unlike other devices  you don't have to stuff your contents into the chamber in order to get the best vape, with the PAX3 sometimes less is more.   When you're happy with how you've packed your herbs in, close the oven lid, and your vaporizer will be ready for action.  And not only will your vaporizer be ready for action, more importantly, you better be ready for a vape of such momentous quality that you'll be utterly shocked by it. So prepare yourself, as this is no ordinary vape. 

When you start vaping, you'll be surprised at how little resistance there is to drawing your vapours. You'll soon discover that a small draw will result in a large amount of vapes entering your lungs. And this is one of the reasons why the PAX3 is superior to most other brands out there on the market because of its overall efficiency. With the PAX3 you wont be unnecessarily wasting  any herbs, every last strand of herb will be utilized to the finest degree to provide you with a hit of majestic quality.  

Another thing for you to take note of is that you shouldn't forget to mess around with the heating profiles to find a vape that suits your own particular needs. The PAX3 is there to accommodate everyone and that's why the machine comes supplied with the different profiles. 

Another point to note, is that when I tried using the PAX for concentrates I found that it didn't perform as well as it did with dried herbs.  But this is very small gripe, when you consider that the  vape from dried herbs is of such exceptional quality that it would almost be impossible to repeat. Lets put it this way, a bad vape from a PAX would be like superior vape from most other products- this is how far ahead of the game the PAX3 is compared to the competition.  Overall, like with all PAX Labs products, one thing you'll be guaranteed of is an outstanding vape, and not only does the PAX3 deliver an outstanding vape it delivers it delivers a sensational vape.





The Firefly 2 was one of the most highly anticipated vaporizers of all time. The vaporizer is the successor to the much acclaimed original  Firefly which blazed a trail across the vaping landscape in 2015. One of the best features about the Firefly 2 Is the ability to vape in short sharp bursts.  One of the reasons the device has the ability to provide short intense vapes is because of the smaller heating chamber which facilitates the deliverance of instant heat. Almost as soon as you have this little gem turned on you'll have the ability to vape almost instantly. Unlike many other vaporizers on the market, which can take up to 45 seconds until you have the ability to vape the Firefly 2 doesn't have this problem. Additionally, unlike many other devices, you don't have to pack your chamber to the limit in order to begin vaping, you'll have the option of half filling your chamber and then starting your session.  This is one of the many reasons why the Firefly 2 is one of the efficient vaporizers available anywhere in the world.



The new Firefly is much smaller, lighter, and more productive than the original unit.  The machine has a sleek and elegant design and exudes class as soon as it emerges from your pocket. The vaporizer has two main parts, the device itself and the very handy magnetic lid. The lid every easily snaps back and exposes the chambers inside where you'll be putting your contents. Another very cool feature is the fact that there is a small window which allows you to see your contents whilst they're getting vaped. Unlike other vaporizers you wont have to  continually open your chamber to see whether all of your herbs are gone. The device comes equipped with a removable mouthpiece which is very easy and convenient to clean.

The USB charging dock provides a very easy and accessible means to charge up your vape.Its takes about 45 minutes until your machine is fully charged up and ready to go, and all you have to do to accomplish this is to place your Firefly 2 on the charging platform and it will automatically begin charging. The vaporizer features a lovely glass air path which acts to keep your vapours cool and delicious. The Firefly also comes supplied with an extra battery so you can have the other battery fully charged and ready to insert into the machine at your convenience.  



Just like the original Firefly which was famous for its vaping quality, the Firefly 2 provides a far superior vape to what you might previously have been acquainted with.  The vape you'll receive will be smooth, consistent, and will have all of the aromatic flavour that Firefly's are well known for. One of the ways that the Firefly is designed different to many other products is how the heating chamber is located away from the mouthpiece, and this ensures that the vapour is never too intense, and is always at that smooth flavourful consistency  that you need. Another positive aspect about this design is that the mouthpiece never gets too warm and is always ready and willing to deliver your herbs at a moments notice. Overall, the Fireflys vapours  are quite outstanding, and from novice to connoisseur you cant but help being impressed by the flavours that you'll be drawing into your lungs.



It's almost seems sacrilegious to have to pick one vaporizer above the other, and to be quite honest it is sacrilegious. This decision was like choosing who was the better footballer between Pele or Maradona ? How can you do that? Of course you can pick one, but millions would disagree with you.It really is horses for courses and to choose between a PAX3 and a Firefly is not only unfair, its plain wrong. But sometimes in life the harsh decisions must be made, sometimes we have to do the things we most loath to do, and so, in this case, a decision must be made.

This time I'm going to have to side with the PAX3 because of the devices overall functionality and its reliability. Now don't get me wrong the PAX3 only beat the Firefly2 by a hairs breadth, it really was a photo finish between the two vaporizers, but unfortunately I had to choose one over the other.  What clinched the decision for me was that the PAX 3 has sensors that seem to recognize when you're about to begin vaping like a starved man who hasn't eaten for weeks.

Almost as soon as your lips get close to the PAX its almost as if the device has some kind of telepathic or psychic ability  that recognizes that your body is gasping for a hit.  Because of this sensor capacity you'll soon find that the machine will become more than the vaporizer it will almost become like the favourite family pet, sparking you into life and filling you with joy as soon as you touch it.

The beauty about both the PAX 3 and the Firefly 2 is that both vaporizers will provide you with vapes of surreal like quality that will keep you coming back for more and more.  Overall, in finishing, I have to say that both vaporizers are tremendous creations and will provide you with a lifetime of joy and happiness.


















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