The Difference Between Original and Fake Arizer Air Vaporizer

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The Arizer air is one Arizer’s most pronounced and popular portable vaporizer and not only does it make wave in Canada but also in the entire vape market.

Because of the quality of vapor it brings forth and also the waves of patronage it got upon and even several months after its release for retail, so many fake or counterfeits have surfaced the market and the level of resemblance between the fake and the real once are not quite significant from afar but with the right checklist and orientation, you are sure to spot out a real Arizer Air vaporizer.

Original Arizer Air Vaporizer UK

Fake or counterfeit vaporizers apart from delivering lower amounts of vapor, could also incorporate cheap build up which makes the product not to last long which is obviously a waste, they could also result in the production of harmful emissions to the body as a result of the poorly constructed components.

I have been paying deaf hears to posts on vape forums and blogs about spotting a fake Arizer air vaporizer, but some weeks ago I took the bull by the horn, made my research and findings, and here I am ready to share the good news with you guys.

We hope to paint our findings and research in words, so you would need to carefully read on to the end to get the picture.

Spotting a fake Arizer air vaporizer begins from the box or the containing pack. I saw some pictures on a vape forum and having the original in my hand I was able spot a difference, which is when the box is being inverted, the text on the fake box was also inverted which was not supposed to be so.

Though this is not enough prove as even the fake manufacturers can look into this. We just reviewed it for existing fakes in the market already.

The barcode inscription on the box are much bigger and bolder than those of the Real Arizer air.

Now coming to the unit itself, when you successfully unpack or unbox the Arizer air vaporizer, it is time for a physical examination of the unit itself because the most difficult feature to fake in products is quality control.

This would be a more realistic determination of a real Arizer air vaporizer.

Real Arizer air units have silver buttons contrarily to the conventional shiny black we see in fake units, we also got to see that the heating chamber holes are quite smaller on the fakes when compare with the reals, though this is not obvious, the more reason why you need to look deeper.

This is not a comparison session but sure need to make comparisons in order to hit on the topic title.

Another feature to note of real Arizer air is the quality control sticker which is pasted on the exterior surface of the unit, it is most likely that you get your proof from this one.

I also noticed that there is a ‘RoHS’ insignia on the battery area when you remove the battery cap from the unit and there should also be some text positioned slightly above the battery slot, that is for the real deal.

Arizer Air Kit

So watch out because fakes would definitely lack this.

Let’s get this straight, because a dealer on a popular online store adds authorized dealer does not automatically mean they are legit dealers, they could be legit for some products and be fake for some products as well.

Real Arizer air vaporizers are most definitely heavier than the fakes because their build up quality is no way compromise.

You would also discover that the real Arizer air lights do not shine too bright when compared to fakes, while the up and down button fits tightly in position rather than being loose as in the fake unit.

You would also get to spot a frosty button on the real Arizer air contrarily to the smooth and shiny fake.

Just as earlier said, you cannot fake quality and if successfully do, then you have created the same product which means no gain and no goodwill.

In conclusion, do not compromise quality when it comes to purchasing a vaporizing unit as you might just be buying a death trap.

Arizer Air Mouthpiece

In order to purchase a real Arizer air vaporizer which would make your vaping experience worth the while, it is advised that to purchase them from manufacturers website or from a licensed and authorized distributor, only through this means will you be sure you got the real deal.

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