Mighty vs Pax 3 – Comparison Between the Giants of The Portable Vapes

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Migthy vs PAX 3

Different vapes are popular for different reasons, and the one that you choose to buy, and use should be determined by what you want to get out of it.

For example, do you want it to look great, are you mostly interested in the vapour it produces, or do you want to be able to carry it around?

This isn’t to say that you can’t have a wish list that includes a number of these options, and the two vaporizers that we are comparing here certainly tick a lot of boxes for many vapers, especially those who want a portable option to take out and about with them.

This comparison is between the giants of portable vapes, the Mighty and the Pax 3, and we look at the differences between them and why may be more suited to your needs than the other.

Design and portability

When it comes to design both of these vapes look very different. The Pax 3 boasts a very sleek and stylish design with a high gloss polished aluminium outer that looks great, whereas the Mighty vaporizer has a plastic outer and is certainly not as streamlined.

If you are hoping to carry your vape in a small pocket you may find that the little Pax 3 is the most suitable option as it measures just 9.8 x 3 x 2.1cm and weighs an almost unnoticeable 93g.

PAX 3 Vape

In comparison, the Mighty is 14 x 8 x 3cm in size with a weight of 230g which makes it a larger model but still perfectly portable.


Both the Pax 3 and the Mighty vaporizer can be used with both herb and concentrates with the help of a liquid pad which makes them ideal for those who want to switch between the two.

The Pax 3 has a speedier heat up time than the Mighty at 15 seconds compared to a minute, but the Mighty uses both conduction and convection heating whereas the Pax 3 simply uses conduction.

Mighty Vaporizer

As with all Storz and Bickel designs, the Mighty vaporizer has been created to be simple but very effective and has an easy to use 2 button system with very precise temperature control.

It also has an LED screen which tells you the current temperature, the desired temperature, and the battery life, and will vibrate to let you know when the desired temperature has been reached.

The Pax 3 also vibrates when it is ready to use but it communicates with the user via LED lights rather than a screen so cannot share as much information as the Mighty, however it does have lip-sensing technology which means that it only heats up when you put it to your mouth.

Vapour quality

For such a small vape the Pax 3 produces vapour that is fantastic when it comes to flavour and density, plus its innovative and speedy conduction system means that you can be enjoying pure, strong vapour in just 15 seconds.

In comparison, the Mighty vaporizer produces big potent clouds of dense, aromatic, pure vapour which is what many people are looking for from their vaporizer but is quite rare in a portable model.

In fact, the Mighty’s vapour has been likened to that of desktop vaporizer ‘Volcano’ which is very high praise indeed.

Added extras

Buying a Pax 3

Pax 3 Vape I GreenVapes UK

When you purchase the Pax 3 you will receive the following items:

  • The Pax 3 vaporizer
  • 1 charging cable
  • 2 mouthpieces – one raised and one flat
  • 1 standard oven lid
  • 1 maintenance kit 

You have the option to buy a complete kit when you choose the Pax 3, and this comes with everything listed above, plus:

  • 1 half pack Lid
  • 1 concentrate insert
  • 1 multi tool
  • Three screens 

Buying a Mighty Vaporizer

Mighty Portable Vape I Green Vapes UK

In comparison, the Mighty vaporizer comes with:

  • The Mighty vaporizer 
  • 1 power adapter
  • 1 mouthpiece
  • 1 liquid pad
  • Three normal screens
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 1 filling aid
  • 1 set of spare seal rings 
  • 1 Storz & Bickel grinder 
  • 1 user manual 

This shows that when you buy the Mighty vaporizer you get a few more added extras than when you go for the Pax 3, but it is also worth considering that the Pax 3 comes with a 10-year warranty whereas the Mighty comes with a warranty of just 2 years.

We love both of these portable vaporizers and understand that it is down to personal preference which one you decide to buy, but we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with either one of them.

Mighty Review PAX 3 Review

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