Mighty VS Firefly 2 | Young vs Old

I thought for a first blog post it would be good to dive into the Mighty Vaporizer one of my all time favourites offering some of the world's best vapor quality, dosing capsules and heating accuracy. Then comparing it with the Firefly 2, a Vaporizer that when it comes down to it. Even at its price tag you are getting what you pay for.

What is still great about the Mighty Vaporizer?

We'll it as amazing vapour both for quality and flavour. It has a great digital display and heat temperature buttons actually on the Vaporizer. It Vapes the life out of your materials. Those who are conservative. Which I know us UK Vaporizer would be. So if you want a Vape that will make almost no wastage. The Mighty Vaporizer is for sale in the UK from us. Walk this way. 

It has a good battery life and a large heating chamber with dosing capsules to change your dose. If you want a Volcano that is portable. The Mighty Vaporizer is your man. Want smaller than that well there is still the Crafty Vaporizer. 

Firefly 2 Vaporizer | The other hand.

It has what is amazing vapor quality. In terms of density vs the mighty I could not say but flavour packs a big punch. 

What I love about this vape is it is full convection heating. It is simple to use, quick to clean and easy to put in the pocket. In the vaporiser world hearing all these pros together is already very rare. On top of this it is pretty much improved in every way over the original Firefly. 

Mighty vs Firefly 2 vaporizer


Get them both! Otherwise one at a time. 

Old school and quality driven = Mighty

New, unique, hip, portable and flavoursome = Firefly 2

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