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This review is sure going to be interesting as we are going to comparing between three of storz and bickel most wanted vapor pieces. I just hope storz and bickel will not explode at the sight of this clash.

For some of us who do not know, the mighty and the crafty are duo portable vaporizers released simultaneously for retail by the prestigious and ever vibrant storz and bickel while the volcano is a desktop vaporizer which is the first ever vapor piece to see the light of the day from the desk of the storz and bickel.

One vital thing you should have at the back of our minds before we lodge into this comparison session is that none of these vapor pieces are a gimmick, they all top list of best portables in the industry today. Let the showdown begin.

Size Comparison

Crafty vs Mighty

Size is a very important factor to consider when it comes to choice of a vapor piece and this choice could be effective determined going via the lifestyle of the user.

As we rightly know, the mighty and the crafty are portable while the volcano is a desktop.

Also we know that desktops are vapes meant to be utilized on table tops which means they are not the best devices for persons who are always on the go.

The crafty is the smallest among these 3 vapor pieces having a size dimension of about 4.3”H by 2.2”D by 1.3”W while weighing about 135gram.

The mighty on the other hand weighs a little above 225grams while having a size dimension of 5.5”H by 1.2”D by 3.2”W.

The volcano, on the other hand, is bulky and conspicuous but this is not a downside since desktops were not made for portability.

So if you desire a portable vapor piece that you can conceal in your pockets and bag packs, then you should look in the direction of the mighty and the crafty. But if you do not mind size, then we would recommend the volcano.

Heating and temperature system

Mighty Portable Vaporizer

The heating system of any vapor piece is a vital factor when it comes to the level of hit or quality clouds one can get from such piece.

The mighty and the crafty vaporizers utilize a hybrid system of heating for vaporizing plant material that is both the conduction and the convection heating methods, though the conduction is basically to preheat the chamber while convection takes the rest of the show.

The volcano, on the other hand, utilizes only conduction to vaporize herbs as well as concentrates.

When it comes to temperature, all pieces have an outstanding temperature display and of course a large temperature range which can accommodate ones vaping needs and most importantly, temperature options that would not combust your herbs or concentrates as it applies to them.

The mighty stands tall in this session of comparison as it has the quickest heat up time courtesy of double battery it features.

Vapor quality

When it comes to vapor flavor, the volcano is on top of its game as it delivers pure, clean and toxic free vapor which would definitely add an extra magic to your vaping experience.

The mighty and the crafty also delivers amazing clouds but they would have to pay obeisance to their elder brother in the game.

Advanced technologies

The trend of the vaping industry is the incorporation of advanced technologies in vaporizers to further heighten the vaping experiences users get from their pies.

The volcano classic desktop vaporizer does not carry much of advanced tech but the digit version is something else.

The crafty is an advanced vaporizer, featuring a smartphone App which functions to give users full control of their units as they can now control temperatures and create new profiles.

The crafty has a free Remote Control App that allows you control the default and booster temps, check battery level status amongst other fascinating features.

Crafty App

The mighty though doesn’t feature a smart app, but it’s definitely not left out of the chain of technological advancement as it also bags a precise control of temperature throughout the session. So the crafty slayed it on this one.

Overall, all these vaporizers by storz and bickel are very cool and amazing vapor pieces and they function uniquely in delivering quality flavors at all times.

So depending on your lifestyle and also your budget, you can choose any one of this units as I can guarantee you durability and reliability. All these units bags a minimum of 2 years warranty.

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