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Kandypens K-Vape Kit

Vape pens are lovely especially for the fact that they offer you a more convenient and discreet vaping methods that suites the lifestyle of persons hoping to enjoy their herbs on the go.

The only challenge with these vaping pens is that they usually end up combusting ones herbs which would not only be tagged as prodigal but it can also pose users to risk.

Other cons of vape pens could include the inability to vape a good quantity of plant material at a time due to their small herb chambers.

Kandy vape pens defy the odds most conventional vape pens have when it unveiled the K-vape vaporizer pen.

The k-vape is an upgrade of vape pens though still simple and convenient to vape with on the go. so if discretion is your utmost desire in pens, k-vapes still got you covered.

The K-Vape vaporizer, just from it looks portrays a sense or a feeling of luxury and exclusiveness.

You would know that a lot of work and efforts sank into its build up and design.

Believe me that this piece was unveiled at just the right time when people were beginning to murmur at the way pens mar their vaping experiences.

I have been munching herbs from my k-vape vaporizer by Kandy pens for some months now and I thought I should share my experience with you guys.

When I first got hit by this pen, I was surprised at the level of performance such a sleek and portable piece could offer.

I was beginning to compare it with some portables I had vaped from for years.

The Kandy Pens portable vaporizer comes in an exciting and appealing package that would have you wanting to hold them and they feel very nice when held in the hands, so when you talk about a pen that is ergonomically convenient when held, the k-vape got the jerk.

The vaporizer fits comfortably in the pockets and because it is also light weighted, it can be carried around everywhere you go.

But have it at the back of your minds that k- vapes are a bit bigger than the conventional pens, so it won’t seem like the usual e cigarettes.

Kandy pens k-vapes retails just a little above a $100 which is quite affordable, but the level of performance this unit offers would have you comparing them with a $200 portable vaporizer.

So if you’d not want to spend much on a vaporizer and you want good quality for a good price, the Kandy pens k-vapes would satisfy your cravings.

Kandypens K-Vape Black and Gold

Getting a great vaping experience from any unit is a total package of all the lovely features of a vaporizer piece but the bulk of the good experience lies in the heating chamber or the engine room as most connoisseurs would rightly spell.

The Kandy pens k-vape vaporizer utilizes convection heating method for heating up plant materials rather than the usual direct contact method and this is one great reason why your herbs are unlikely to get burnt, instead what you get is massive clouds of vapor in conjunction with smoothness in flavors.

The Kandy pens k-vape vaporizer reaches a working temperature in about 30 second, this implies that you are good to go into a world of pleasures in less than a minute, this is quite impressive I must say.

But you would need to have a finely consistent blend of herbs which could be time consuming but it is definitely worth it. 

This wonderful vapor piece has 3 preset temperatures which includes 360°F, 380°F and 420°F and this settings can allow user customize the performance of the unit depending on their taste.

Since there is no conduction, the risk of combustion in this device is almost completely eliminated.

Kandypens 24K Vape

One lovely thig about this vapor piece is that the temperature remains steady throughout the session.

Switching between temperatures with the k-vapes is made easier by simply pressing down and holding the power button and the resulting color appearance on the indicator would tell you what temperature you are at.

A red light indicates 360F, the green light indicates a temperature of 380F while a blue light indicates maximum temperature 420F.

The battery life of this unit would have you vaping for a very long session which means that power cannot stand in between you are great vaping experience with the Kandy Pens K Vape Vaporizer.

When we talk about great vaping experience in vaporizer, the Kandy Pens K Vape Vaporizer stands tall among all vape pens in the market space today particularly because of the vapor quality and the little or no risk of combustion.

The Kandy Pens K Vape Vaporizer has a lifetime warranty which is definitely amazing.

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