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Is North Korea set to become the next Jamaica, a stoners paradise? Will King Jong Un be rolling up iconic spliffs like Bob Marley as he simultaneously  gets a bad dose of the munchies and begins to gorge on a bowl of rice so big that it would feed an entire North Korean village?

Perhaps, the so called "Chairman" of the Workers Party of Korea will just sit back and chill out instead of firing nuclear missiles half way into space.

Maybe the "great man" will take a break from showing "affection" to his brothers by having them assassinated.


Of course, the country is infamous for being one of the most oppressive society's in the world, but when its comes to herbal it could well be a stoners paradise. 

Many people who have visited the country have spoken about how plants can be found growing all over the roadside with the beautiful scent catching your nose unexpectedly.

The liberal attitude to the herb has resulted in a massive boom in trade coming from China.

The herbs illegality in China has resulted in masses of people travelling to the Korean state and purchasing the plant for as little as $6 a kilo. 

The herb is then smuggled back into China and sold on for vastly inflated profits.

In North Korea the herb is classified as being an oilseed crop, and so, it doesn't fall under prohibitive substances legislation.

In most cases the hemp is used to produce cooking oil rather than to be smoked.  The name for the herb in North Korea is, Yeoksam, meaning plant of the living gods.


Cannabis Plant

One of the reasons why the plant is so popular in the state is that its far cheaper than tobacco and because its a healthier alternative.

Amongst the working class serfs in North Korea the plant is also said to be very popular, because it affords users some relaxation and downtime after spending a hard day slaving in the fields.

The herb is said to be particularly popular with members of the Korean military,  who it is said, regularly roll up king size joints during time off.

But the use of the herb in the country goes back many years with US soldiers during the Korean War commonly smoking the herb on a regular basis.

Stories abound about soldiers rolling up inside tents and getting so stoned that they became incapable of going into combat.



This begs the question of who really is living in the land of free if North Korea is a stoners paradise?

Should Kim Jong Un be emulated? Is the North Korean leader the enlightened one and the western people backwards.

Why can a despot like Kim Jong Ung get it right and the west cant? Are we that incompetent that a man who regularly fires missiles across the pacific ocean has more sanity than some of our western leaders!

Obviously Kim Jong Un is as mad as box of frogs- you'd have to be suspect about the mental state of anybody who believes that they are a living god.

But even a broken clock is right twice a day and on this occasion Uncle Kim appears to be bang on the money.

So maybe you should take a trip to the Korean state and see what all the fuss is about for yourself. 

Just don't begin filming anything out on the street, because if you do, Kim Jong Un could arrange an all expense's paid trip inside some Korean Gulag.

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