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Hydrology 9 Vaporizer UK

Is heaven missing a vaporizer? Cloudious9 Hydrology 9 Vaporizer UKYou could definitely be forgiven for wondering so when you see and try out the new Hydrology 9 from Cloudious 9. A total game changer when it comes to dry herb portable vapes on the market at present, this is the first vape to incorporate a water filtration system that cools and further purifies the vapor as you inhale.

This guarantees that the vapor will be smooth and prevents any harsh hits. The Hydrology 9 is a futuristic looking piece of equipment, and with LED indicator lights inside the water cylinder it has even been dubbed the “Lightsaber Vaporizer”.

First things first, here’s what you can expect when you open the Hydrology 9 box:

  • Hydrology 9 Vaporizer Unit
  • USB cable
  • A/C adapter
  • Loading/air intake adjustment tool
  • Long & short cleaning brushes
  • Two extra screens
  • Instruction manual

Build and Design:

The Hydrology 9 is like nothing you’ve before in a vape. Built using only the highest quality materials like space grade anodized aluminium alloy for the body and Borosiliate glass for body and mouthpiece, this is a sturdy, well put together vape that looks like it fell from the stars.

At 7 inches tall it is larger than other popular portable vapes and doesn’t score high on the discreetness scale for vaping while out and about, but at the approximate size of a red bull can, it’s still small enough to carry comfortably in your pocket or bag.

The detachable mouthpiece also has a magnetic cover keeping everything in place, as well as an anti-leak liquid valve so no need to worry about spillages if you are carrying it around with you.

With the Hydrology 9’s impressive looks and functionality, it would serve perfectly as a centerpiece at a group session or party, at home or away.

This vaporizer adds a little entertainment value to your vape with colourful LED lights indicating the chosen temperature setting, as well as the option of a light show if you hold in the button for 3 seconds.

After you’ve finished raving out with your hands in the air like you just don’t care, another 3 second-press will end this light show and leave you with a vape experience that is smooth and flavoursome.

Perfect for those who prefer the bong-style vape experience, but without the harmful effects that come with smoking.

Cloudious9 Hydrology 9 Vaporizer UK

Temperature Setting:

Three rapid presses of the button on the side of the Hydrology 9 will turn the device on (and off) and from there the vape takes up to 2 minutes to reach your chosen temperature.

With 5 different temperature settings ranging from 250°F-430°F (121°C-221°C), each indicated by its own colour of LED, you’re sure find a temperature to suit you.

The slight disadvantage of this LED indicator system is that Cloudious9 have yet to tell us what the actual corresponding temperatures are!

So getting to know the vaporizer and finding your perfect setting requires a little bit of trial and error, but you’ll get there.

Hydrology 9’s LED Light Temperature Settings:
Blue - Low
Yellow - Medium Low
Orange - Medium
Purple - Medium High
Red - High

Vapor Path & Chamber Size:

The dry materials are vaporized via conduction heating in the porcelain chamber in the Cloudious9 Hydrology 9 Vaporizer UKHydrology 9, and as you inhale the vapor moves into the glass cylinder in the middle of the vape where it is cooled and filtered in the water. It then travels through the glass mouthpiece to you.

With this clear, uninterrupted flow of vapor, this vaporizer delivers a smooth, clean hit unmatched by any other portable vape.

The water filtration system lowers carcinogen intake while also cooling the vapor, and is spill proof with the help of an anti-leak valve.

The vape has two separate air vents that can be adjusted with the included tool according to your preference of draw resistance.

The porcelain chamber in the Hydro is deceptively large, and should hold enough of your dry material so that everyone can have a go on this bubbling delight.

Cloudious 9 have been researching the wants and needs of vapers everywhere and during that time have come up with some novel ideas when it comes to dry herb vaping.

One of these is the addition of a heat resistant stainless steel stirring tool incorporated into the lid of the chamber.

A feature that is completely unique to the Hydrology 9, and praised by reviewers worldwide, this tool guarantees the heat is evenly distributed throughout the material in the chamber and reduces wastage.

Battery Life:

The LED lights also indicate the battery level of the vaporizer:
Red - Low
Blue - Medium
Green - Full.
The Hydrology 9 contains a 2000mAh lithium polymer battery which charges from flat in under 3 hours. The vape will last for around 15 sessions with a full charge in the battery.

Cloudious9 Hydrology 9 Vaporizer UK -  Final Thoughts:

The Hydrology 9 really is a thing of beauty with a combination of clean, luxurious and futuristic design.

The Vapor quality is great and the water filtration system has a noticeable impact on the smoothness and flavour.

The vape is a larger than other portables and it’s fairly weighty, but the attention to detail in the build quality is very hard to find fault with.

The Hydro 9 is super efficient, offering multiple sessions on a single battery but during use we’ve found that sometimes the automatic shut-off comes around too quickly so that’s one to watch out for.

Overall this generally exquisite vape is simple to use, offers great vaping and once you find your perfect temperature, there’ll be no looking back.

Hydrology 9 10 Herb Songs

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