How To Use Volcano Digital Vaporizer Without Compromising With Health?

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The volcano desktop vaporizer have been in existence for over a decade now is ranked as the best desktop unit in the entire vaping industry and it took 13 years before it had a contender and despite having a contender (the herbalizer vaporizer), the volcano is still one in a million as far as desktop vapes are concerned.

The volcano vaporizer vaporizes both dry herbs as well as concentrates in its vapor therapy and aromatherapy mode and through its unique and patented technology, it eliminates toxins and harmful substances like tars and carcinogens to a considerable level.

It uses the balloon bag vaping method which allows you to fill in the bags with vapor from your herbs and essential oils. The vapor in the bag can last up to 8 hours which makes it applicable for medical marijuana users.

volcano digit Vaporizer UKIn this article we will be discussing the digital version of the volcano desktop vaporizer also referred to as the volcano digits while placing a spot light on how this vaporizer can be used without compromising with health of users. It is really going to be interesting, so grab a cold drink.

The volcano is indeed the mother of all vaporizers as it produces consistent and quality vapor and delivers it to suite every vaping need. 

The temperature control is superb and maintaining the volcano is not difficult as it rarely needs to be cleaned because of the nature of its design.

The biggest down side of the volcano is its bulkiness and high price tag. The volcano currently has two versions making waves in the vape market today namely the volcano classic and the volcano digits, the major difference been just a touch of new innovations in line with the current trend in technology on the path of the digits.

The volcano Digit is sought of a modification of the classic version of the volcano desktop vaporizer.

Just like the classic, the Digit makes use of the same sleek cone structure and patented technology which expels toxins and other harmful by products of combustion.

The digit also disperses air enriched with active ingredients of the plant material or essential oils that are been vaporized through a valve into a balloon which when fully inflated can be detached from the unit and the vapor content can be enjoyed independently of the vaporization process.

The volcano digit features a fully customized temperature LED display system which can allow immediate and precise temperatures depending on your vaping needs, the volcano digit is quite bulkier than the conventional classic version but the digital display and precise temperature control incorporated into the design of the volcano digits makes them special.

Vocano digit vaporizer is a medically recommended vapor piece and it is this feature that made the volcano very popular especially among cannabis users, so in case you doctor prescribes a particular herb for your ailments, the volcano digit is a very cool option to look at.

Now that we know the volcano digits to be a medical vaporizer, how then can it be used effectively without compromising health?

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This question might sound confusing considering the fact that it has been said that vaporizers in their nature poses minimal risk to the body.

But do not get confused. Vaporizers particularly analog ones are prone to herb combustion because the temperature control is not effective enough but with digital vaporizer especially the volcano digits, you cannot easily have your herbs combusted.

One amazing feature of the volcano vaporizers is the fact that you can store vapor for up to 8 hours which makes them relevant to medical marijuana patients on prescription, so even if you are down on battery, you can still get your dosages.

Let us get this straight, the fact that volcano vaporizers support medical vaping to some extent does not automatically make them medical vaporizers.

So if your health is compromised in any way, volcano cannot be held responsible.

My advice is that volcano vaporizers be it classic or digits should not be used for medical purposes though the digital to a considerable would not compromise ones health since combustion of materials either by mistake or negligence is almost eliminated.

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