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So you're vaping some herbal and your mother suddenly walks into the room and discovers your plants scattered all over the room like a scene out of the Chelsea Flower Show.

You desperately try and explain that's its all a big misunderstanding, but this isn't working as the sheer smell of weed is nearly getting her high too.

Your mother is going nuts automatically assuming that you're some drug baron akin to Pablo Escobar.

Suddenly her precious boy who only a few moments ago had a halo floating over his head is a fkn degenerate.

She's thinking gangland assassinations, smuggling in tonnes of herbal from Colombia, needles, and every other last vestige of drug taking degeneracy you can name.

After a few days you manage to begin talking sense to her. You convince her that you haven't committed the latest gangland assassination, that you aren't Pablo Escobar, and that you aren't shooting up needles down some back alley.

Pablo Escobar

What you now need to do is to educate your parents on the benefits of herbal, and the benefits of vaping and vaporizers.

Because we all wish that our parents would be more informed when it comes to the herbal industry.

Unfortunately, many people still associate herbal use with other dangerous psychoactive substances. 

Of course THC can give you a high, but when you factor in that herbal has loads of CBD which you can read all about on NamasteMD, which has been shown to be beneficial in a whole host of conditions you cant in all honesty say that herbal is bad.

Below you'll find a number of things that you should say to your parents in the event that they ever ask you why you're vaping herbs.

Of course, you could say "F off and mind your own F-ing business" but such a tactic usually wont work in the long term or even in the short term.

What you should do is try and explain why the herbal plant is not only good for you, but great for you. 

And who knows, maybe if you explain all of the facts- your parents will have a few draws from your vaporizer and you'll have a new stoner buddy!!


One of the compounds of herbal that has become renowned for helping people is the compound CBD.

This substance has been associated with helping people in many areas including anxiety, depression, and a whole host of other ailments.

How CBD is said to work is it activates dormant genes in your body which act to alleviate the conditions which people are suffering from.  

Another of the superb benefits of using CBD is that you don't have to smoke or vaporize it to get the benefits- you can take it in capsule form, oil, or in sprays.

Talking to your parents about how peoples lives have been improved by CBD is an excellent way to educate them on the benefits of this beautiful plant.



Like I've already touched on, CBD is a powerhouse for busting anxiety with medical studies indicating that CBD reduces anxiety by up to 50%.

Some studies indicate that people who are suffering from traumatic events experience significant reduction in symptoms as soon as they consume CDB oil.

Other studies have shown that rats that are repeatedly shocked using electric volts experience a reduction in anxiety after being administered CBD. 



Inflammation has grown to become one of the biggest health issues of the modern era.

People who suffer from this condition are said to said to be increasingly susceptible to a number of nasty illnesses. 

In 2011, research was conducted and it was found that CBD may be a benefit to people suffering from inflammation.

The fact that CBD seems to reduce the symptoms of inflammation bodes very well for people suffering from conditions such as arthritis, pains, and other diseases.


The effect that CBD has on many people suffering from Parkinson's and other spasms is quite remarkable with symptoms being vastly reduced within a number of minutes.

Perhaps, you've seen the video which has being going around social media of a man trembling and suffering from spams, unable to speak, and barely able to walk, but within a few short minutes of taking CBD his symptoms nearly vanish.




Fortunately for users CBD is legal as it doesn't contain any of the psychoactive compound THC.

In most countries herbal is only illegal if it contains THC, but if doesn't and contains CBD, well then it will be classified as falling into the hemp category.

Your CBD usually will have a small amount of THC inside of it, but not enough for it to be classified as an illegal substance.


There are a whole host of ways for you to take your CBD, such as: Spays, Vaping, Oils, and via Oral Capsules.

From my experience if you can get your hands on a good quality oil and just put a few drops underneath your tongue you'll usually find that this can make the world of difference.

But other people swear by using a good vape and inhaling the CBD into their system that way.

My advice to you is to experiment with the different systems until you find the one that suits you best.


If you have to explain to your parents why you're taking herbal you'll need to have a good knowledge of the plant that you're vaping.

As soon as your parents come out with some nonsensical argument that your herbs are bad for you have an answer ready and waiting for them.

Whilst THC taken in excess amounts can have nasty side effects such as inducing panic attacks and anxiety- this problem is avoided if you take your time with your herbs.

When starting out just take a few puffs and then wait a few minutes until you see what the effects are.

The problem with many of the novices out there is that they are just too gungho and want to start vaping the life out their herbs without finding out whether a particular plant works for them.

When starting of on a new stronger brand of herbal high in THC novices should be very cautious at first. Take very small draws, kick back for a few minutes, and wait and see what the effects are. 

Always  explain to your parents that you're taking every precaution possible and that you just want to be left alone to enjoy your plant materials in peace.

But If your parents start giving out to you about taking CBD infused herbal you can basically tell them to F off as CBD is not a psychoactive substance and you can't get off your head using it!

Alcohol is far more dangerous and leads to many millions of deaths throughout the world in  comparison to herbal. 

Basically you should tell your parents to take their heads out of the sands and smell the coffee.

At the end of the day there is nothing worse than some hypocritical  dose coming up to you, with a big red face, smelling of whiskey and cigarettes, telling you how to live your life.

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