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Arizer solo vaporizer is one of the giants in the vape industry and just like other portable vaporizers, when unclean, it does experience lack of consistency in the quality of vapor it delivers from its chambers irrespective of the perfect blend of herbs you purchase or the method of packing the herbs.

This inconsistency in quality of vapor produced is usually as a result of prolonged usage of your vaporizing unit.

Prolonged usage simply identifies that the device might lack cleaning and maintenance which is paramount to vapor quality from any vapor piece.

There are several reasons why you should keep your vaporizer clean but this is not what we hope to achieve in this article.

This article focuses on how to clean the Arizer solo vaporizer and in few lines down this article you would learn how to clean the Arizer solo for optimal performance, long life and most importantly consistently vapor quality.

Arizer Solo Vaporizer UK

From experience, there is actually very little that can go wrong with the Arizer solo vaporizer and among the little that can go wrong includes not cleaning your device regularly or lacking the technical know-how of the cleaning procedures.

Note that Arizer like other prestigious companies would not honor the warranty terms of your device if the device is poorly used, so you must ensure that you keep up the cleaning virtue.

The First step involved in the cleaning process of the Arizer is getting a small quantity of alcohol in a glass or a container and avoid any build up in the glass by shaking off, after which you carry out a thorough inspection of the chamber to see areas where clogged herbs are taking shelter and after the inspection, you use damp Q-tips or cotton buds to scrub the chamber to eliminate all the clogged herb particles in the chamber and on the walls.

If your Arizer solo vaporizer has a ceramic chamber then it is strongly advised that caution be taken when cleaning with alcohol but for the conventional steel inspired vapor chamber Arizer vapes, you are good to go.

Arizer Solo Mouthpiece

Irrespective of the amount of alcohol you use in the cleaning process, always ensure that you turn on the unit after cleaning, this is to allow the alcohol content burn off before filling your solo with herb, obviously, you would not want to inhale alcohol into your system.

Also ensure as much as possible to avoid leftover materials at the bowl end of the mouthpiece and this is to prevent an accumulation which would become stressful to clean later.

You can also employ sharp objects preferably toothpicks to remove clogs of materials in the holes located at the bowl end of the mouthpiece.

You would not like to know that the two holes are blocked because they are air holes and allows for effective cooking of your plant materials.

It is also recommended that you clean the heating element of the Arizer solo immediately after the unit cools down considerably and this is just to cut down the stress of future cleaning which may be tedious.

Another part of the Arizer solo that requires regular cleaning is the stem and depending on the frequency of usage, you can clean the glass stem once you begin to notice a change of color.

This cleaning you can carry out by soaking it and other glass parts in alcohol after which you rinse and wipe. Make no mistake of soaking plastic parts in isopropyl.

There is no much required in cleaning the Arizer solo vaporizer, and as a matter of fact it constitutes one of the easiest vapes to clean and maintain and this is because of the non-complexity of the heating chamber and also because it does not involve much of detachable components.

Arizer Solo Kit

I believe that this review would enable you to clean and maintain your Arizer vaporizer unit to ensure a continuous delivery of quality and tasteful vapor.

The Arizer solo performs excellently and to ensure a continuity of this excellent performance, it is required that you clean your unit regularly depending on usage time.

Also note that if peradventure you are unable to get rid of any clog in the chamber probably after several trials using the above methods, then you should contact Arizer ASAP.

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