Firefly TV vs Firefy bug vs The Firefly 2?

Firefly 2 Vaporizer Comparison


Who could win a battle between Firefly TV, Firefly 2, and Firefly bug?  All three of these entities have made waves across the globe in many different ways. But each different entity is so distinct that its scaresly believable that they could enter into a contest against each other. Its a bit like a Crocodile wrestling a Giraffe, or a Polar Bear attempting to outswim a great White Shark. Its so preposterous, its so outrageous, so utterly bonkers that the battle simply had to commence. On one end of the spectrum we have Firefly TV, an historic piece of television garbage, pushing the boundaries in terms of TV diarrhea.   On the other side of the fence we have the Firefly 2 Vaporizer, a piece of equipment that is every bit as critical to a stoners life  as C02. If a stoner was in a life threatening situation and paramedic's where offering an oxygen mask the stoner would likely throw the mask away in disgust and would demand his Firefly Vaporizer instead.

 The last entity to enter into the battle is, the Firefly Bug, a little creature that will leave you mesmerised by its exquisite beauty. Its not too often in life that you stop in awe and wonder what has just happened, but this is what will occur when you first witness Firefly's sparking in the night sky.During this blog we will witness the tears, the triumphs, and disasters of the three great Fireflys. We will see how only one of the trio can  hold the title to be crowned the Firefly King.  If I feel criticism is deserved I wont be afraid to dispense it.  And in starting with this vein of criticism  when it comes to the Firefly TV series, I got to tell you, I have more respect for some rampaging virus in my dogs colon.


Firefly TV

The Firefly TV series  is a show that first aired in 2002 about a group of people who head of into outer space and begin to experience different realities.  The show was canned after just one season with one reviewer commenting that the cancellation of the TV show was the "one of the greatest tragedies ever witnessed in science fiction TV. My opinion at the time was to put the goddamn piece of garbage out of its misery.
Remarkably, someone by the name of, Joss Whedon,  even had the bright idea to write a book on why the show was cancelled. My advice to anybody unfortunate enough to get their hands on this book is to take the book into the toilet and use it as toilet  roll. At least by using the book as roll you'll receive some kind of compensation for having this utter garbage come into your possession. Either that or get the book and take it back to the person who gave it to you and continually beat them across the top of the head with it until they beg for mercy.  
Overall, The Firefly series will stand as warning to future generations about human folly and stupidity. The fact is, you cannot polish a turd and turn it into a diamond, and the Firefly TV Series is testament to this fact. In finishing, all I can say is that I hope a monstrosity like the Firefly series will never darken the doors of humanity again.



There are many wonders to behold in nature, but there are few sights quite as magnificent as witnessing thousands of Firefly's sparkling in the night sky. The experience takes on a magical dimension, and if you had a childlike imagination you could be forgiven for believing that there was thousands of fairy's twinkling and sparkling directly in front of your eyes.  Remarkably, instead of being actually flies, firefly's are actually nocturnal Beatles that begin to arise out of their slumber as soon as dusk falls.   The insect belongs to a group of beetles called the Coleoptera, which is a species of beetle which has wings. 
The reason why the Firefly Bug   emits a light is to try and attract a mate or prey. And so it seems one minute  the Firefly is looking to get all hot and bothered with cupids arrow shooting through the air, and the next minute the Firefly is looking to eat you for dinner. Is it any wonder that the Firefly Vaporizer has such wonderful functionality when you consider it hails from the Firefly Bug?  But back to the creature at hand its important to note
The light that the Firefly produces can comes in various colours such as yellow, red, or green. Depending on the bugs mood the lights fluctuate in colours and adapts to whatever circumstances that it encounters. Some adult Fireflys even have the ability to survive without even eating. The fact that Firefly's can survive without eating is amazing in itself- because if you think of it could a Firefly Vaporizer survive without eating grass? Could the Firefly TV have survived for the short sordid duration it did without having a posse of moronic fans?
Overall, I have to say that the Firefly Bug is one of them things in life that takes you completely and utterly by surprise. Witnessing Firefly's is like witnessing natures electricity right before your eyes. These little bugs truly provide a spectacle not to be forgotten, leaving you mesmerised, and utterly taken aback by the breath-taking beauty.



It took millions of years for the Firefly Bug to evolve into the creature it is today, but remarkably the Firefly 2 Vaporizer has evolved into its current condition of sublime excellence in a matter of years. This remarkable circumventing of the natural evolution course has been brought to you by, Firefly Vapor, a company that has broken convention to mould a vaporizer that is at the pinnacle of vaporizing genius.If Charles Darwin was alive today, and took a toke out of a Firefly Vaporizer, he would immediately begin reassessing his theory of evolution.  The great Scientist would become aware that you don't necessarily have to evolve over millions of years. That if the conditions are right, and  the ingredients are there, that something can be produced that will buck the natural course of evolution.  
The Firefly 2 Vaporizer was one of the most highly anticipated vaporizers of all time. The device utilizes cutting edge technology to produce vapes of exquisite quality. If you want to get stoned then the Firefly 2 Vaporizer is a machine that will get you there. Similarly, if you want to just have a nice little buzz, without getting smashed, the Firefly will also facilitate this as well.
Who would become a firm fan of the Firefly Vaporizer? Well loads of people, but in particular the stoners of this world.  According to the makers of the Firefly TV show the program  is  "about nine people looking into the blackness of space and seeing nine different things." In many ways this is similar to a group stoners sitting around all day sampling their various 'herbs' staring into space as they try to numb themselves to the reality of life. If you want to lead this life then you need the best equipment and this is where the Firefly Vaporizer comes in. . The Firefly will ensure that you get so stoned that your name will be carved into a slab of rock on a mountain,  and that your name will be there for eternity as a monument to the stoner life. But instead of being vilified these stoners should be commended for leading the stoner life. For having the courage to stand up against the system, and say "No, no, I will not work, I will just on my ass all day and get f#cking stoned." These people are the true revolutionaries of our generation. Of course not all stoners are as committed as this, but these real diehards do deserve a mention when it comes to the new years honours list.
In finishing, all we can hope is that Firefly Vapor produce as many Vaporizers as there are in Darwins book 'the origin of species.'  The people want a Noahs Ark packed to the rafters, not with animals, but with Firefly Vaporizers.  In future these precious gems will become as vital to life as oxygen itself. Firefly 2 we salute you.


Of course, the Firefly TV series comes in a woeful last place- a series that was so bad that its surprising that some of the producers haven't gotten criminal convictions. This show truly is stain on humanity, and would make you question why electricity was ever invented. After watching a couple of episodes I found myself cursing Thomas Edison and Nickolai Tesla for making the viewing of the show possible, but then I thought of all of the things I would miss out on without electricity, and ultimately my thoughts settled on how would I charge my Firefly Vaporizer? 
The magnificent Firefly 2 Vaporizer comes in a very close second place on the list.  This is a machine that will leave you spellbound at the quality that it delivers into your lungs.  After using the Firefly for a few weeks you'll find that every last cell in your body will be crying out for another hit. The Firefly Vaporizer will become as necessary to your existence as some vital organ in your body. This machine will pump marijuana around your body like your heart pumps plasma blood cells.  If you where to leave the house without the vaporizer it would be like losing a limb itself. Overall,  the Firefly Vaporizer is there to satisfy your every whim, satisfy you every need, your every desire, and your every dream.
There can only be one winner in this contest and that is the Firefly Bug which is so extraordinarily magnificent that you'll be left spellbound. What other entity could leave you scratching your head wondering whether you had just stepped foot into some fairy-tale book? Not only has the Firefly Bug been crafted out of millions of years of evolution this little creature delivers a performance that wouldn't look out of place in some classical opera house.



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