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The name Pax is no longer a new name in the vaping industry and as a matter of fact, anyone who does not know name Pax is a novice in the industry.

In this article or write up, we would be discussing the evolution of the Pax labs that is how and when they started out, we will also be discussing where they are now and some of their very notable vapor pieces that represent the heritage of the company.

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Pax labs Inc. or Pax labs is a leading vaporizer and e cigarette manufacturer and also suppliers of dry herbs and loose leaf vaporizers. The Pax labs was Founded by James Monsees and Adam Bowen, graduates of Stanford design program, Pax labs pitched its tent in Sanfrancisco from where it has being displaying its talent in its arsenal of vaporizers and e cigs.

The Pax labs rapidly evolved from being just a product/ brand name into a household name and presently today there is no vaper in the entire industry that does not know the name Pax.

As a vaporizer manufacturing company, Pax labs aims to deliver ultimate vaping experience to every user of its product.

Apart from delivering optimal vaping experiences to its customers, the Pax labs enacted a mission of making smoking obsolete which means that in the nearest future, no one would have to battle with lungs diseases and cancer caused by smoking and as a matter of fact the word smoking will begin to go extinct.

In fulfilment of this gospel the Pax lab preaches, it creates superior, beautiful and advanced tech vaporizers that would propagate the idea of vaping rather than smoking and believe me that they are gradually fulfilling their mission statement and still counting to more fulfilments.

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The Pax labs has a total equity funding of $46.7M from 4 investors and any product released into the arsenal of  the Pax labs experiences an unimaginable level of patronage from all over the vaping community.

The category of products owned manufactured by the Pax labs includes the JUUL, the PAX and the PAX ERA. JUUL constitutes the chain of e cigs, PAX being a category of compact vaporizers having a spacious oven while the Pax era constitutes portable oil vaporizers.

All categories have their own level of patronage and what they stand for. The Pax category of compact vaporizers has witnessed an incomparable level of patronage over the years with its three distinct portable dry herb and loose leafs vaporizer which includes the Pax 1, Pax 2 and the Pax 3.

PAX 3 Herbal Vaporizer

These three vapes are revolutionary vapes, the Pax 3 being the latest version and of course the best of all.

All 3 versions apply advanced technology and intuitive design for an unforgettable and pleasure filled vaping sessions.

Pax premium vaporizers boasts of over a million units sold since the invention of its first series (Pax 1). Quite commendable but what do you expect from a prestigious company as the Pax labs.

All Pax vaporizers are engineered with the best performing material you can think of and when it comes to heating technology and battery capabilities, Pax labs is second to none in the entire vape manufacturing industry.

Pax labs develops and offers vapes capable of delivering nicotine to smokers in different levels and flavors.

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This it does either through its reliable retailers or on its online platforms. For the records, the Pax labs was founded in 2007 and it has created a mark that the entire industry would live to remember.

The Pax labs has several online presence in virtually all social media networks, so if you desire to know more about the Pax labs you can visit their website on the link Pax vapor

Quite a history I must say. Now we know why any product under the umbrella of the Pax labs experiences unimaginable patronage and commendation even from other vaporizer manufacturers.

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