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Canada, Pharmacor Technologies are the designers and the crafters of the famous and elegantly looking inhalater vaporizers.

The inhalater vaporizer was inspired by the company’s objectives of building for the better and this aim and objective is reflected in every piece that comes out of their ware house.

For the records, Canada, Pharmacor Technologies was founded in 2009 and it is located in Montreal, Quebec from where it distributes its vaporizers to every corner of the world via licensed distributors.

A walk down history lanes reveals that a group of skilled individuals who were looking out to develop a highly advanced portable distillatory formed the pharmacor technologies and they continue to conduct research and findings to create product and pieces that would take vaporization technology to a different pedestal.

So far, inhhalater pieces have being living up to expectations in terms of quality vapor delivery and also mouthwatering technologies that would definitely thrill one’s vaping needs.

Inhalaters were designed with amazing technological innovations and as a matter of fact they constitute some of the most technologically advanced vaporizers in the industry today.

Inhalaters are phyto distillators and this means they are saddled with unrivaled aromatics and potency, while being powered via a good heating and an interchangeable capsule system.

Also incorporated in the inhalater vaporizer is the patented hybrid heating system, that is conduction- convection heating method that heats up materials by a mere contact with the hot chamber walls and also the hot air.

In the industry today, inhalaters are offers the best efficiency, ease of use and portability in a vapor piece while also incorporating the most uniform heating in the entire vape market.

Inhalater 6s Green Vapes UK

Inhalater in simple terms can be described as vapor pieces used for extracting plant medicine or in a more detailed form, they are electronic phytotherapeutic vaporizer in which plant medicine can be extracted.

Inhalater portables are designed and crafted in Canada and believe me they are worthy vapes both in style and performance.

Inhalators have a unique buildup and at first sight, I bet you would perceive a metallic exterior but in reality, inhalators employs plastic for its exterior, we kept our cool at first but when we went on to open the cap, we also discovered that the mouth piece and the heating capsule were also made from plastic, and this was more disappointing.

And this is because a majority of my team prefer glass or stainless steel inspired ones.

The Inhalater vaporizer did not get it right in terms of buildup quality but it did well when we came to vapor quality, at low temperature, the cloud of vapor was quite commendable and as we increase the temperatures, the Inhalater was amazing as the vapor clouds became thicker and more interesting to gaze at.

Inhalater 6s Vape UK

The Inhalater has a line of portables ranging from 4s to 5s and now to the latest edition which is the Inhalater 6s, all of these vaporizers have proven their worthiness in the vaping industry and this is evident from the level of performance and also the waves of patronage they get in the vape market.

The inhalater vaporizers are covered by a warranty of two years which is limited in such a way that some parts are not covered in the warranty. However the warranty begins from the date of purchase.

So peradventure your inhalater distillatory breaks down within the period of the warranty, Pharmacor Technologies will fix or replace it for you depending on the situation though.

So in case you would be needing to claim your warranty for your inhalater vapor piece, you can contact them using this link [email protected]

Inhalater 6s Vape Inhalater 5s VS 6s

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