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Most vaporizers are generally referred to as dry herb vaporizers which are said to be electronic devices which delivers vapor when marijuana or cannabis is been heated up in a vaporizing chamber and not by burning as it is peculiar to smoking.

Weed vaporizers do not combust the weeds, rather it vaporizes them, thereby releasing the active ingredients in the weed using either conduction or convection heating methods depending on the design of the unit.

The active ingredient of in cannabis (weed) when released produces a high feeling when inhaled.

The davinci ascent is one of the wonder vapor pieces manufactured by the house of davinci, same manufacturers of the famous and high performing davinci IQ.

The IQ is a worthy successor of the davinci ascent but it could not take away all the glory of the ascent especially when it comes to efficiency of vaporizing weed.

The davinci ascent is a lovely and worthy weed vaporizer and users of this piece would attest to the fact that this piece does excellently well in delivering THC to users in a full measure. Let’s get to see the davinci ascent in a full review to know what propels this efficient weed vaping methods.

The davinci ascent is a portable conduction vaporizer which can be used with both dry herbs as well as concentrates.

DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer UK

The davinci ascent ploughed a lot of energy into decent vapor quality and also precise temperature control which is the reason for its exploit in weed vaping.

One of the most amazing feature of the ascent is its battery life, earning users over hours of continuous vaping though one of the downsides is that it takes up to 5 hours to recharge from a zero bar level. The davinci ascent uses an OLED screen which has a plus and minus buttons that allows users to set temperatures precisely and this gives users more control over their units.

The heating element of the davinci ascent features a glass lined ceramic material in its build up and together with a temperature level of up to 430 Fahrenheit, the davinci ascent vaporizes weed efficiently, releasing all of the active ingredients just before combustion temperature is reached.

The average heat up time of the davinci ascent is around 50 seconds which is not quite the quickest you can get in the industry today but considering the good work the ascent does with weed, waiting would definitely be worth it.

Now let’s get this straight, irrespective of the unit you are vaping weed with, every vaper out there loves the experience they get when hit with the right flavors but the truth of the matter is that the right flavors only emanates at the right temperature, so this means that users must pay attention to temperature as much as they pay to the quality of weed they vaporize.

Attaining the best temperature for vaping is paramount in weed vaping and should influence greatly ones decision in purchasing a vaporizer because when the heating element reaches temperatures more than 230°C, your herbs begin to combust which mars the very unique purpose or aim of vaping in the first place.

It is to this regards that we write articles on the best vaping temperatures for weeds which could differ from one vaporizer to another.

We tested the davinci ascent vaporizer before this review and also from the analysis and opinion from connoisseurs who have long been vaping from this unit and the results though not precise, but we were able to get a range which we refer to as the best range of temperatures to dwell in while vaping weed.

DaVinci Ascent Portable Vaporizer

This temperature ranges from 178 to 195 and at this temperature range, the davinci ascent does amazingly well with weed and this is evident from the relaxing effect one gets.

Note that the strain of weed is also a determinant factor to the level of soothe you can get from any vapor piece, so get strains that appeals best to you.

For beginners, 190 would give you an unforgettable euphoria of high while connoisseurs could approach 220 and still get the best from the ascent but as stated earlier, any temperature that shoots beyond 230 puts your herbs at risk of combustion which also puts your lungs at risk.

Overall the davinci ascent does well when it comes to vaping weed because the unit’s temperature control is superb and gives indication as temperature rises.

The ascent is a recommended vapor piece but I would recommend the newer version which is the davinci IQ as it comes with fascinating features like the Smart APP which give you more of control and precision in temperature.

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