Da Vinci IQ: This Year's Best Vaporizer?

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DaVinci IQ

This year is set to be a landmark year for vaporizers with dozens of excellent units hitting the market.

One model we have taken a particular interest to is the Da Vinci IQ vaporizer, a fantastic portable vape set to hit the market soon!

The new Da Vinci IQ vaporizer earns its moniker, it’s one of the most intelligent vapes on the market packed with innovative features that ensure you the purest flavour and the best vape experience possible.

With a full display of 51 LED dots arrayed into a fluent display and the precision temperature control 250-430° F with temperatures from l you will be in control from the start of your session straight through to the end.

Excellent Vape Experience

DaVinci IQ Portable Vape UK

The Da Vinci IQ is easy to load with herb, be sure as always to grind your herb first, it exposes more surface area and makes for a simpler vape experience.

The immaculate ceramic zirconia air path guarantees that the flavour won't be tainted by any gross plastic tastes.

This sticks to Da Vinci's legacy of constant innovation and improvement building towards the purest flavour from any vaporiser.

You don’t have to worry about any lingering smells either, the IQ is clean in operation and execution!

Smart Path

DaVinci IQ Portable Vape

The IQ combines 3 different functions so you can tailor your vaping experience.

The first, Smart Path Mode allows users to select four different temperature settings which lets the device automatically default to the best temperature for your vaping sessions, it’s fire-and-forget, once you select your temperature the IQ takes care of the rest.

The second mode Precision mode lets you fine tune your temperature settings with slight adjustments. Finally, boost mode is there for when you want to take extra deep hits.

To unlock even more functionality use the Bluetooth connectivity to hook the IQ up to its companion app.

With the app you can track your smart path usage and see other important information from your device, the app makes your IQ smarter and more powerful.

Long Lasting

The battery promises over three hours of continuous use! What’s better the battery is easily removable so you can carry spares; perfect for when you’re out for extended amounts of time and you want to be prepared.


DaVinci IQ Design

All this comes in a compact, portable package. The Da Vinci IQ is lightweight sleek and styling, coming in 4 finishes including Blue, Gunmetal, Copper, and Stealth.

The LED display is understated, sophisticated and above all subtle. The Da Vinci IQ screams quality but if something should go wrong Da Vinci promise a 10 year warranty!

Your vape will be covered for an entire decade you’d be lucky to get a car with that sort of coverage!

The Da Vinci IQ is set to be one of the biggest vapes of the year, perfect for the daily user and suitable for beginners and veterans alike.

IQ vs PAX 2 Buy DaVinci IQ

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