Comparison Of Inhalater 6S And 5S

A simple description of The Inhalater reveals that it is an electronic phytotherapeutic vaporizer in which plant medicine can be extracted. This portable vaporizers are manufactured in Canada and believe me they are worthy vapes both in style and performance. Inhalators have a unique buildup and at first sight, I bet you would perceive a metallic exterior but in reality, inhalators employs plastic for its exterior, at first we were filled with disappointed because our expectation was turned down but as we went on to open the cap, we also discovered that the mouth piece and the heating capsule were also made from plastic, and this was more disappointing. And this is because a majority of my team prefer glass or stainless steel inspired ones.

   Inhalater 6s :

  Regular Price        £299.99
  Discounted Price : £269.00
  You Save               : £30.99



The Inhalater vaporizer did not get it right in terms of buildup quality but it did well when we came to vapor quality, at low temperature, the cloud of vapor was quite commendable and as we increase the temperatures, the Inhalater was amazing as the vapor clouds became thicker and more interesting to gaze at.

The Inhalater has a line of portables ranging from 4s to 5s and now to the latest edition which is the Inhalater 6s and in this review session we will be making a detailed comparison between the two most pronounced Inhalater portable vaporizer that is the Inhalater 6s and 5s. Enjoy the review.

The Inhalater vaporizer are known for their lightweight and in a like manner, the Inhalater 6S and 5S are very sleek and could be concealed in pockets and bag packs giving users maximum discretion. Both the 6s and 5s weigh about 83 grams and this is courtesy of the plastic material incorporated in virtually all of its components.

Inhalater 5S :

  Regular Price        £179.95
  Discounted Price : £134.95
  You Save               : £45



Both the 5s and 6s Inhalater vaporizers are designed for medical usage particularly aromatherapy, so they are more of medical vaporizers than recreation ones, they offer heating capsules which ensures a controlled dosage ready as soon as it is needed. The special patented method for dual heating that is conduction and convection is peculiar to these inhalators and this is the secret behind their quicker and even vaporization of dry herb or plan materials in their sleek heating chambers. Another similar feature the Inhalater 6s and 5s have is their temperature settings, both vaporizers possesses a switch at the base of the unit which enables users set their desired vaping temperature. This setting has a range of 1-9 displaying temperatures both in degrees centigrade and Fahrenheit. Both the Inhalater 6s and 5s have a quick heat up time of 40 – 90 seconds though this is no good enough considering that giant portables in the industry feature as low as 10-12 second heat up time. The Inhalaters however do not get hot which means users could easily turn the unit around and turn back to the vape in just a minute. Inhalater 6s and 5s vaporizers can hold about 0.3g of materials in their capsules giving you up to 12 cycles of vaping pleasures.

Enough of similarities let’s see the difference between this two amazing portables. One of the most notable difference is the aesthetic of these two pieces. The 6s evidently outshines the Inhalater 5s on the perspective of beauty, fashionistas in the house would smile at this I know.

Other notable difference between the Inhalater 6s and the 5s is addition of the ‘pulse extraction technology’. This technology is enabled ones the 6s Inhalater is turned on and this technology functions to put the unit into a mode called the overdrive mode thereby allowing users get a massive vapor production. What I love about this technology is that it can be employed at low temperatures and then activating the boost mode when you are ready to inhale, this helps to conserve the battery life of your unit.

Overall the 6s is a better option to choose when it comes to making a choice between the 6s and the 5s Inhalater vaporizer. But make no mistake of refereeing to the 5s as a gimmick because you would be getting it totally wrong. The 5s currently retails at $155 while the 6s goes for about $330 and you can get this vapor pieces on Namaste vape.

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