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It is quite evident that in our society today, many people often pretend that they are just like someone from television and go on to envision that they are more than capable to be the same way in their everyday real life.

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Because of how our society is, we can assume that we will all be dead by the year 2060.

Cheech and Chong New Bongs and Grinders
Cheech and Chong were always referred to as being the original stoners. However, some actors truly do live up to the main skills of the roles that they play.

As such, Cheech and Chong went on to build their name or rather their brand based on their ever-popular stoner comedies which were absolutely hilarious.

Due to this, it wasn't long before they were named the ambassadors of dry herb for DeFacto and were seen as legendary to some.

Approved by Cheech and Chong

Most celebrities can't actually live up to their roles so to speak. And, if Cheech and Chong were a part of this trend, they wouldn't even be able to actually roll a joint.

However, they easily broke away from the norm as they stepped onto the cannabis scene and made quite a huge name for themselves.

In addition, they went on to even put their own approval seal on some of the most exquisite pieces, as such, we will look at some of their highest quality herb equipment on the market today.
Cheech and Chong Grinder
First on our list is the ever-famous Cheech and Chong grinder, and the duo knew that a huge part of the enjoyable experience was actually being able to prepare it.

Cheech and Chong's fantastic grinder is made from the finest anodized aluminium on the market.

This was done to ensure that the grinder wouldn't in fact go on to react with your blend of herbs, hence your initial flavour is left 100% untainted.

The grinder is fitted with a sifter screen to ensure that the terpenes of your herb's keef which are super fine can be sifted away with ease to its own compartment.

In addition, they also produced a superb line of high quality bubblers and bongs. Their line features an amazing dry herb borosilicate glass rig known as The Chong.

Its design is quite striking and comprises of the beaker base with its own down stem diffuser which aids in cooling each hit as it breaks them down into much smaller bubbles.

As a result, this greatly increases your hits surface area which in turn allows a thorough cooling.

If you're in the mood for dabbing, Cheech and Chong have got you covered with the Tied Stick. This magnificent piece of glass spans a height of ten inches.

This hand-blown borosilicate glass rig features a quartz banger and a ruffled perc all for a dabbing experience that you won't ever forget.

Maui Wowie Bong

Even if you're searching for a more unique experience, the Maui Wowie will surely catch your eye.

It features a shotgun showerhead perc and an angled mouthpiece. In addition, it comprises of an exquisite quartz banger which is extremely capable of handling a butane torch's stress.

And last but not least, we'll look at the Big Green Van. This piece features a combination of all the dabbing rings and herb bongs which are all perfectly fit into this borosilicate glass piece.

It comprises of a fantastic chandelier perc which easily cools any type of hit. And, it comes neatly packaged with both a herb bowl and a quartz banger which serves for your extreme enjoyment.

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