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Boundless technologies are known for producing high quality vaporizers with considerable price tags. Just like the boundless CF, the boundless CFX is another portable dry herb vaporizer manufactured by the boundless vapes. The CF and the CFX were made aiming the standards of the Crafty and Mighty vaporizers but there came differences in materials and build quality which is the more reason why the boundless vapes particularly the CF and the CFX sells at lower prices. Both the CF and CFX came into the market in 2016 and since then, these vapes have been making a serious headway in the vape industry, competing with various portable vaporizers and gaining advantage due to its low price tag.

Regular Price       :  £179.95

Discounted Price : £138.95

You Save               : £41

The CF and CFX after several reviews and usage have been discovered to be almost the same though little differences stepped in to make the CFX a superb choice vaporizer producing quality and tasteful vapor but certainly not as discreet as the CF.

The boundless CFX relies on both conduction and convection heating methods as specified by the manufacturer, though most of the herb cooking is done by convection methods which is the most approved heating method. I personally share same opinion on the heating methods but some vapers and reviewers believes the unit is a conduction vape rather than hybrid. But who are we to question manufacturer’s specification…Irrespective of the heating methods, I must say that the CFX is indeed a high performance vaporizer.

The CFX is exactly 5 inches tall, 2.75 inches wide and about 1.25 inches deep. Quite portable and discrete for its make and design. The CFX weighs 208 grams which is definitely bulky for a portable vaporizer but if you do not mind size, you would find peace with the boundless CFX. To give clear picture of the portability of the CFX, it is somewhere in between the Crafty and the Mighty vaporizer. Just like the oven of the CF vaporizer, the CFX has a large size oven which can accommodate up to 0.5 grams of dry herb though the CF can accommodate 0.3 grams.

The CFX vaporizer uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery just like most dry herb vaporizer in the market today. While having a charging time of 2 to 3 hours using a micro USB cable, the CFX vaporizer battery will fetch you an uninterrupted 90 minutes of vaping when initiated on full charge. Quite impressive I must say. the CFX uses two non-replaceable but rechargeable 7.4v 2500mAh lion batteries which can get you 90 minutes of usage time as earlier said and can be charged in as little as 30 minutes via direct current through a wall outlet. This is indeed great and commendable of the boundless technologies.

The temperature spectrum of any vaporizing unit is directly related to the quality of vapor you derive from such unit. The CFX while operating on hybrid heating methods, possesses a ceramic heater and also a ceramic chamber which allows for even heating of the material and eliminates wastage of herbs.

The temperature spectrum of the CFX ranges from 38- 221ºc (100- 430F). And can be adjusted from the screen in front of the unit.

The OLED display which is incorporated into the design of the CFX makes it unique and different from the CF, this display screen has temperature readings arranged in a manner like the speedometer of automobiles. This OLED display gives users control and oversight of how long your vaping sessions would last and displays a battery icon to know when to plug in power supply.

Other technology incorporated into the CFX includes the magnetic mouth piece holder which keeps the mouth piece in place and allows for twisting of the mouth piece.

Overall the boundless CFX vaporizers has lots of pros and just a few cons. Some of the pros includes Ultra-fast heat up time, Good battery life and Good quality vapor (due to the isolated vapor chamber)

Overall, the boundless is such an amazing dual conduction convection vaporizer which has an outstanding performance and very affordable especially for what it carries. You would also love to know that the CFX is a contender to the famous mighty vaporizer by storz and bickels. The boundless CFX currently retails for about £148 on Namaste vapes.

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