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Boundless CF Vape

Boundless CF vaporizer is manufactured by boundless technologies, producers of the CFX, CFV, CFC and CFH vaporizers.

So amazing that an upcoming company as the boundless could pull this much weight in terms of number of products manufactured and in such short time.

The boundless CF vaporizer ranks high in terms of power and performance.

The CF vaporizer relies on both conduction and convection heating systems when vaporizing materials. It can be said to be a hybrid vaporizer.

Quality, performance level and durability of most commodities is usually related directly to the cost of such commodities especially in a free market, but the boundless CF defile the odds, characterized by high performance standards and yet cheap and affordable for all.

Personally I have also shared same ideology when it comes to striking balances between cost and quality, but this time the boundless CF proved me wrong in virtually all ways.

This characteristics of the boundless CF made it very popular as vapers can now pay less to get a high performance unit.

Regular Price       :  £149.95

Discounted Price :  £104.95

You Save               : £45

Build quality

Most vape manufacturers uses alloys of metals in the manufacture of their products because it gives a feel of quality and smoothness when touched or held in the hands.

The boundless CF incorporated plastic in its design unlike other vaporizers but it still gives a good feel of quality when held.

Due to the use of plastic, the CF weighs about 142grams not appreciably different from the Davinci IQ vaporizers that employs zirconia.

Overall, The CF feels good when touched. The boundless CF vaporizers possesses a large capacity oven which can accommodate other dry herbs as well as concentrates in its chamber.

Size and portability

The boundless CF has an exact dimension of 4inch height by 2.4 inch width and 1.2 inch depth.

The unit is very small portable indeed and can be palmed in the hands or can be tossed in the pocket without anyone noticing it. Giving you maximum discretion where ever you go.

Battery life

The battery life of the CF vaporizer is not replaceable meaning it is an inbuilt battery which has a capacity of 1300mAh and can be charged via a USB cable.

The CF battery which is made of lithium ion can boast of 10 vaping sessions of 5 minutes each when charged to full capacity and sometimes even more.

At the sight of the battery capacity of the CF, many might want to back off. I want to assure you that for a vaporizer of its price, you are getting good value.

Heating up time

Boundless CF Heating Time

As earlier highlighted during the intro, boundless CF vaporizer relies on both conduction and convection heating technology in vaporizing materials.

With the aid of the ceramic heater, the materials are heated evenly throughout the entire vaping session.

The CF heats up very fast, hitting 370 Fahrenheit’s in not more than 20 seconds. Yes I just said twenty seconds which is very impressive for a vaporizer of such price tag.

The boundless CF comes with 5 default or pre-configured temperature which are 355, 370,385, 400 and 415 all in Fahrenheit’s.

This temperatures can be adjusted by holding down the power button for 2 seconds after turning on the device with five clicks on same button.

The CF is capable of hitting maximum temperature of 415F in about 24 second. This is lovely especially for those who love to vape their materials at high temperatures.

The memory function of the boundless CF is also an amazing feature, as it helps in storing the previous vaping temperature and automatically heats up to that temperature during the next vaping session.

Vapor quality

The vapor quality of the boundless CF is a plus to the boundless technologies. The taste and quality of the vapor produced by the CF is considerably higher than any vaporizer within its price range.

The combination of the two heating methods that is conduction and convection is responsible for the quality vapor and satisfying cloud formed by the CF.

Twisting the mouthpiece ensures a smooth draw when vaping with the CF. Without the twist, the draw resistance is likely higher.

It is analogous to sucking on a liquid with higher viscosity than water. Certainly not pleasant.

How does the boundless CF work?

Boundless CF Heating Chamber

The chamber of the boundless CF has a containing capacity of 0.3 grams.

The material intended to be vaped particularly dry herbs should be ground to a medium level for efficient vaporization.

Choosing from pre-configured temperatures, your material is heated in seconds and you are good to go.

The ease of usage is overwhelming, 5 clicks power on/ off the unit while holding down the button for 2 seconds increases temperature.

The boundless CFX is indeed a must have vaporizer as it is loaded with lots of functionalities that will captivate any connoisseur out there.

It would interest you to know that the CF is a contender to the storz and bickels crafty vaporizer, bagging a similar build up, performance level and interestingly more affordable.

I guess this review would be more of a motivation to look on the side of the Boundless CF vaporizer.

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