ARIZER The Top 3 Portable Vapes

Arizer Air

The Arizer air is a compact, simple, elegant vape with a powerful and unique heating technology. This Arizer will provide a generous hour of continuous use due to an incredible high-capacity rechargeable and interchangeable battery.
When it comes to The Arizer Air size does (not) matter as this ripper packs a punch reminding us big things come in small packages.

If convenience is important to you then the Arizer Air will not let you down, from the easy to load and easy to clean glass components to the automatic ten-minute shut-off timer making it all that easier to travel pre-loaded and ready to go. With an easily interchangeable battery that allows you to have some spare batteries fully charged as a backup for when your battery is running low. Although be aware Arizer Batteries should not be substituted for third-party batteries, just to be safe.

Weighing a mere 116g its ultra-lightweight, and completely portable, With Height being 122 mm and a 29mm Diameter conveniently fitting in the palm of your hand this is the perfect companion for your purse/pocket.

Average Price £160/ £200

Arizer Solo

The Arizer Solo has built a solid reputation since its release in 2011 as a powerful, reliable Vaporizer with Smooth and delicious results. It’s durable yet compact design is what’s won over thousands of vape fans.

Designed for ease and quality this loyal Vape has been praised for its reliable and consistent smooth, tasty, potent vapor.

Renowned for its high-quality ceramic heating element and it’s easy to load, easy to clean, high standard glass components this certainly is the enthusiast choice for day to day use at home and on the go.

With a more than generous battery life of up to 2 HOURS of continuous use.
Arizer Batteries meet rigorous quality standards so with normal use they will last for hundreds of charge cycles before losing any capacity, although as you would expect dropping or wetting the battery will result in damage.

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