Arizer Extreme Q Vs Arizer V Tower - Who Wins?

Arizer Vaporizers UK Vaporizer Comparison

The Arizer is a reputable vaporizer manufacturing company that is domiciled in Canada, from where it retails and distributes its line of portable and desktop vaporizers that are sure to top the lists of every top vaporizer list in the industry.

The v-tower desktop vaporizer is one of such products by the Arizer that has proven its worthiness not only in the circle of products in the Arizer arsenal but also in the entire vape market.

The Arizer Extreme Q was the first and indeed most famous vaporizer to be releases by the Arizer vape manufacturing company and believe me that the Extreme Q was and is still a revolutionary vape.

Arizer V tower vs Arizer Extreme Q

The v-tower desktop vaporizer did not steal the show from the Extreme Q, it only repackaged the idea of desktops, making desktops easy to use, convenient to maintain and today it is the flagship product of the Arizer.

In this write up, we are going to be comparing the Arizer V-tower and the Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizers and hopefully establish who wins the contest.

Design and Advanced technology

Both desktops have an amazing design and build up quality. The components employed in their manufacture is of very high quality, so when it comes to durability and build up quality, both vapes have what it takes to compete favorably.

But in terms of technology, the Extreme Q still stands tall being the first ever vapor piece to offer users full control of their units even from a distance,

Vapor Quality

Arizer V Tower Desktop Vape UK

The v-tower offers an excellent vapor quality that is next to none as far as desktop vapes are concerned.

The v-tower employs the whip vaping method to deliver the smooth, tasty and consistent flavors to users every time.

One amazing quality of the V-tower is the fact that it employs a vertical glass heating chamber just like the Volcano and Aromed vaporizers.

This vertical glass heating chamber allows for optimal heat convection in the chambers. Overall the vapor quality of the V-tower is excellent.

The vapor quality of the Extreme Q is very outstanding, no wonder it is was the only contender and rival to the famous volcano vaporizer.

The balloon style allows for your vapor to cool down thereby giving you a smooth vaping experience.

In a nut shell the Extreme Q is excellent when it comes to quality vapor delivery and you ought to also know that using both vaping methods, you are sure to having or getting a high consistency of vapor flavors that would tune your experience positively.

Both vapes do well when it comes to vapor quality.

Temperature Options and flexibility

All Arizer vaporizers have very good temperature options which allows users to vape their plant matters at their desired temperature level.

Both the v-tower and the Extreme Q performs excellently on both low and high heat settings. But when it comes to flexibility, the Extreme Q nailed it

How to Use It

Arizer Extreme Q Green Vapes UK

Like earlier stated, the v-tower employs the whip method of vaping dry herbs and it operates on a full convection heating system which means that only hot air is used to vaporize your herbs.

Once your herbs are heated, vapor travels through the chamber as you take draws through the whip.

The v-tower is also very easy to clean and maintain but it could be technical when it comes to disassembling the parts so care needs to be taken.

The Extreme q, on the other hand, employs both the whip and the balloon vaping methods giving it more usage options that the v-tower.

The Extreme Q stands tall on this one.


The V-tower is very popular basically because they are not as expensive as their desktop counterparts in the vape industry and also because of their effectiveness in operation. The Extreme Q is still a big brother come rain come sun.

Extreme Q Review V Tower Review

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