7 Ways to Optimise A Vaporizer for Long Lasting Vaping Session


Optimise a Vaporizer

Those new to the UK vaporizer scene, and even some veterans, might not realise that they’re not getting everything they could be from their vaping experience. Though vapes are simple to fill and use there are techniques that will allow you to get even more out of your unit, some of which may not even occur to seasoned vape users! So without any more delay, let's have a look at the best ways to optimise your vaporiser.

Read The Manual

I know, this may seem like the most obvious thing in the world but I know for a fact many of you out there haven’t bothered reading the manual of your vape, even more of you probably only gave it a cursory glance! Each vape model comes with a host of unique features and specifications, taking 15 minutes to inspect your vape and you’ll find that there’s certain settings that will give you a better understanding of  it’s controls, battery life, and overall a much better vapor experience!

Grind Your Herb

To prevent wastage, create a more consistent vapour, and a better flavour it is very important to grind your dry herb before you put it into your vape. This will be common sense to most of you, but did you ever consider adjusting the fineness of your grind to suit your vaporizer? Conduction vapes work best with a fine grind as it increases the surface area of the herb into contact with the filament and, improving the quality of the vapour produced. Convection vapes work well with a medium grind as it leaves more space for air to move through the chamber and heat your vape. For hybrid vapes you should can experiment to find out which grind works best!

Find Your Ideal Heat Setting

Your vape works by using the boiling points of the active ingredients of your herb, typically these fall within the 157 - 220°C range. All active ingredients have different boiling points so the different temperatures in this range can produce very different results. On average lower temperatures will have more of a heady effect while you’ll feel the effects of higher temperatures as a body high. Of course very high temperatures can result in combustion. So don’t do that.

Here are a few of the active ingredients in herb

THC - 157 °C.

The most famous herb ingredient. It has both euphoric and analgesic effects, inducing a great sense of relaxation.

CBD :160 - 180 °C

Popular with medical users for its medicinal applications. It counters the effects of THC, effectively preventing feelings of anxiety and paranoia.

Delta-8-THC :175 – 178 °C.

This cannabinoid is very similar to THC, but it is more stable and less psychoactive. It has anti-vomiting properties making it fantastic for medicinal uses.

CBN : 185 °C.

A compound highly associated with a sedative effect.

Clean Your Vape

Over time, and with use resin will build up in your vape. This can restrict air flow, reduce the quality of vapour, and if it builds up in the chamber, cause combustion. Use a brush and some solution or rubbing alcohol to gently clean away any build-up. The screens that prevent herb passing down the air passage can also become clogged, these aren’t worth cleaning so it’s best if you replace them. A clogged screen will block vapor and make drawing a hit much more difficult, so keep them especially clean!

Inhale Slowly

That’s right, I'm telling you how to inhale. Don’t scoff though, there is a trick to it and if you do it right you’ll get the best vaping experience you can from your vaporizer. The best way to inhale is lightly and slowly, this give vapour time to build up and stops herb from being dragged into the filter which could block the air filter and limit the quality of vapour you receive with each subsequent hit!

Use A Water Attachment

Water attachments are special accessories that work a lot like mini bongs, they use water to cool the vape before you inhale it, allowing for a smoother hit. This is more on an add-on than something intrinsic to your vape, but it will make your experience a lot smoother should you choose to grab one!

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