6 Desktop Vaporizers For Every Budget

Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop Vaporizers I Green Vapes

Desktop vaporizers are the last word in home comforts for adherents of the UK vaporizer scene. In the vaping market there is no way to get better quality vapor than with a desktop vaporizer.

Simply put, there's just more room for quality components, no concession have to be made for weight, and no compromises are made for anything as petty as battery life.

If you only ever want to vape in the comfort of your own home then a desktop vaporizer is for you.

If you want your herb for medicinal reasons then the super-precise temperature controls of a desktop vaporizer is essential, it will let you dial up the exact temperature you need for your desired effect.

Here’s our top six best desktop vaporizers, one for every budget!

Arizer V Tower

Arizer V Tower Set

The Arizer V Tower is the most affordable desktop vape we have, coming in at £104.95, and it’s worth every penny.

The V Tower comes with a long whip attachment which guarantees a rich flavourful vapor.

Constructed entirely out of only the highest quality glass the V Tower will provide you with the best flavour with no risk of that nasty plastic taint.

Tower by name tower by nature, the cyclone bowl stands vertically, allowing air to be distributed evenly, allowing for the best quality vapor.

The LCD display is clear and vibrant, it can be set of either fahrenheit or celsius depending on your preference.

The device can reach vaping temperatures in only 2 minutes so you don’t have to wait to vape!

Vapor Brothers Vaporizer

The Vapor Brothers Vaporizer is a handy unit that contains a EZ change ground glass whip for hands free connection, it is also compatible with a regular non-hands free whip!

This desktop vaporizer comes in at only £139.95. The EZ change whip lives up to its name and breaks apart for easy removal and maintenance of your screens.

With its pure mineral ceramic heating element the Vapor Brothers Vaporizer ensure toxic-free operation with zero chance of contamination from glues or plastic elements.

Vapor Brothers spent 2 years painstakingly researching and perfecting their advanced heating element which guaranties a quick heat up time, every time.

H.AIRE H2.2 Vaporizer

The H.AIRE Vaporizer H2,2 is an affordable scientific grade vaporizer is doesn’t sacrifice affordability for quality, costing only £144.95.

The H.AIRE has three different functionalities allowing for direct inhale use, hands-free use with the whip, or a bag system which allows for added portability.

The H.AIRE doesn’t waste any of your herb, only activating when you need it and extracting the active ingredients at the lowest possible temperatures.

It’s innovative temperature control adapts to the climate of where it is being used so you don’t have to worry about under or over heating your herb.

Da Buddha Vaporizer

Da Buddha Vaporizer I Green Vapes UK

The Da Buddha Vaporizer is a premium quality product, costing £164.95. It is for real connoisseurs.

Each unit is built using only the highest quality components and materials.

This vaporizer is constructed in the USA and features a reliable ceramic heating element and glass-on-glass elements that ensure superior vapor with every hit.

The Da Buddha is a hands-free unity that doesn’t require the whip to be held in place.

The cylindrical design ensures optimal cooling for smooth vapor every time.

The cylindrical design also allows for a larger, extra wide chamber so you can pack in even more herb!

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer UK

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is one of the most popular desktop vaporizers on the market.

This whip-style vaporizer has unparalleled quality and and amazing vapor production.

The unique angled design prevents your herb from falling out of the wand uses the force of gravity to efficiently vaporize your favorite herb blend.

At £215.95 this vape isn’t going cheap, but quality costs, and not a single penny you spend will be wasted.

The custom-blown glass components ensure that you can enjoy a true hands free experience. The custom glass knob and heating cover on every unit is unique.

The Volcano Digit Vaporizer

Volcano Digit I Green Vapes


The Volcano is the king of the hill. It is, simply put, the best desktop vaporizer on the UK market.

The volcano gets its name from its smooth cone shape, and packed into this structure is a lot of cutting edge technology.

It removes toxins and other harmful byproducts like tar and carcinogens from the vaping process and intensifies the effects of the active ingredients as they’re released.

The volcano circulates air enriched with active ingredients into a balloon with a clever valve system.

Once the balloon is inflated it can be completely detached and separated from the device.

Allowing you to enjoy the vapor at your leisure. With a hybrid heating system, an exact temperature control, and high quality controls, the Volcano will guarantee you the best herb experience you could possibly get from a desktop vaporizer.

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