5 Things You Might Missed Using Cheap Vaporizer


The vaporizers in the UK are becoming increasingly popular. In no time they’ve gone from relatively unknown curious to must haves.

They aren’t cheap, but then quality rarely is. Sometimes people forget this and try to save some money by grabbing a cheap unit. Is it worth it?

No. Here’s some things that those who’ve subjected themselves to cheap vaporizers may have forgotten.

1)A Clean Taste In Your Vape

Cleaning Mighty Vaporizers

Cheap vapes use cheap parts. This is hardly news, it’s how they stay so cheap. However, these cheap components come at a steep price.

Figuratively. Cheap components will mess with the operation of your vaporizer, ruining your vape experience.

Cheap plastic components will interfere with the taste of your herb, adding a plasticy taint that will ruin every hit.

Particularly cheap units may even degrade at high temperatures, releasing toxins into your lungs!

The whole reason to switch to a vape is to avoid toxins and for the taste, why ruin it?

2)Actually Being Able To Control Your Vape’s Temperature

Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer

High quality vaporizers come with precise controls that allow you to incrementally increase or decrease the temperature of the unit.

Vaporizers work by taking advantage of the boiling points of the various active ingredients present in herb.

Being able to fine tune the temperature means that you can choose what active ingredient you’re vaping.

If you just have a switch on and go device with inexact or non existent controls then you’re missing out on a lot of utility from your vape!

3)No Spontaneous Combustion

Many cheap vapes work with conduction elements that apply heat directly to your herb.

Normally this isn’t a problem, conduction is a popular method for portable vaporizers.

In a cheap vape, as with everything else the cheapness can show through. Cheap heating elements are prone to hot spots that will subject some of your herb to far more heat than the rest.

This often results in combustion, turning your vapor to smoke. At that point you may aswell just grab some skins and roll a blunt, it’ll do the exact same level of damage to your lungs.

Also, it’s subtler when your vape isn’t spewing acrid smoke.

4)Evenly Heated Herb

Boundless CFX Heating Chamber

The aforementioned hot spots will be an issue even if you aren't’ subjected to combustion.

Your herb won't be evenly heated no matter what you do, so expect a lot of thin vapor, bad tastes, and of course wasted herb.

A decent vaporizer will cut down on wastage and ensure that you have a good thick hit every time.

Even better a decent portable vape will heat up faster than a cheap one, all the while keeping the heat steady and even. There really is no comparison!

5)A Battery With A Life Longer Than A Mayfly

Arizer ArGo Battery

Our number one most received complaint from those poor souls who have scrimped on their vaporizer is that the battery is constantly dying mid vape!

No matter how much they charge them they only seem to get the briefest of sessions out of them.

Worst of all there’s no option to bring a spare along as these cheap batteries are often built in!

Any quality vaporizer will guarantee you up to 4 hours of uninterrupted use and many models have batteries that can be switched on the fly!

Never worry about running out of power again.

For a selection of good vapes that are worth the price and that will give you an excellent vape experience check out our UK web store!

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