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Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer

The Arizer is one of the biggest names in the vape industry today, they are domiciled in Canada but they have spread its tentacles globally and this has brought great pride to Canada and the pioneers most especially.

The Arizer prides itself of its two amazing products in its solo series that is the Arizer solo and the Arizer solo 2, this two vapes are world class vapes and in this article we would be looking at 5 improvement on the part of the solo 2 upon the solo 1. Enjoy the session.

Design and build quality

The Arizer solo 2 is more compact and even more discrete than the solo but one true fact remains that they both lack stealth and portability when compared with other portables vaporizers out there.

Both the solo and 2 feature all glass vapor pathway which helps to maintain of an optimal level of vapor quality.

Overall, the two vapes are not appreciably different from one another when weighed under the platform of design and build up quality and when it comes to durability and reliability they both slay it.

In terms of compactness, there was a significant improvement on the solo 2 upon the solo.

Vapor quality

Arizer Solo 2 Heating Chamber

What thrills majority of vape users is the quality of vapor that emanates from the flavor chamber and as matter of fact that is what every stoner out there looks out for in vapes.

When it comes to vapor quality, the Arizer never comes second as they are consistently on top of their game.

Users of the solo can testify to the quality of flavors they get from this wonder vape as it efficiently vaporizes your buds, eliminating the risk of plastic taste in your buds and this is because of the all in glass vapor pathway incorporated into its design.

The solo 2 knocked out the solo in terms of vapor quality because of its precise temperature control and this feature allows the user to select their own personal vaping temperature and hence you can navigate different vapor flavors.

The solo 2 is quite up to date in terms of current vaporizer technology and like many other portables, the solo 2 can be used with bongs or water pipes.

The quality of vapor was improved upon the solo by a good margin.

Battery life

Lithium ion batteries rather than alkaline batteries are incorporated into the design of the solo and this battery is rechargeable and is capable of providing users with about one and half hour of continuous vaping.

No portable unit has pulled such weight in the industry that I know of. Let’s see if the solo 2 would break protocols.

The solo 2  also features a lithium ion battery but obviously with an improved battery life which can render a continuous usage time of just a little under 3 hours. Quite an improvement I must say.

New technology

Arizer Solo 2 LCD Display

The solo vape features a borosilicate glass vapor path unlike other vapes which employs plastic vapor paths.

The incorporated glass heating chamber is the secret behind the consistent production of quality and clean vapor from the chamber.

The solo also feature an LED temperature control system which allows you to manually adjust your desired temperature and is capable of reaching vaporizing temperature in about 2 minutes.

This is quite commendable but with the likes of the Davinci IQ which vaporizers buds in about 30 seconds, Arizer needed to step up their game.

The solo also creates a vacuum for aromatherapy blends in the extra wide aromatherapy chamber.

The solo 2 on the other hand features a more digital temperature control which can be adjusted via the LCD digital display that is incorporated into its design.

The digital display also allows users adjust other setting than the solo. The solo 2 possesses a power on delay and also an auto shut off timer which is built in for safety purposes.

You can use the auto shut off feature to set timing per session e.g. 18 minutes per session and then it shut off but with the aid of the power delay option, your unit comes back to life at the set delay time.

This technology incorporated in the solo 2 was a great improvement upon the solo.

Efficiency and performance

When it comes to efficiency and performance levels, the solo 2 experienced a wide range of improvement upon the solo because the efficiency of the solo 2 does not only contend with vapes in the Arizer family alone but globally with other good portables.

Cleaning and maintenance

Arizer Solo 2 Kit

Cleaning and maintaining the Arizer solo 2 is made much easier than with the solo vaporizer.

This is definitely a commendable improvement upon the solo vaporizer.

This five features represent the 5 improvements of the Arizer solo 2 upon the Arizer solo.

So if you are looking down the path of the Arizer solo series, I suggest you consider the solo 2 series as it is a more worthy replica of the solo.

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