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The Arizer vaporizer manufacturing company stands tall in the list of best vaporizer crafters or manufacturers in the entire industry and this reputation they earned with the quality of products they release for retail into the vape market.

One amazing attribute of the Arizer is that they do not know how to compromise, so if you are looking to purchase a vaporizer on a very low budget, the Arizer cannot help you out.

Arizer hails from Canada and till date they operate and distribute all of their products from this location.

They venture into the manufacturing of portables and desktop vaporizer and some of their very notable portables includes the Solo, Solo 2, Solo NLE and the Arizer Air, while their desktops includes the famous Extreme Q and the amazingly crafted V-tower.

All of these products make the list of top selling vapes and this has earned the Arizer more reputation and of course more money.

In this article we will be reviewing the 5 Best Features of Arizer Air Vaporizer, one thing I am sure of is that at the end of this piece, you might be convinced to pick one of this vaporizer because it is such an amazing piece to vape from. So enjoy the review.

Arizer Air

Arizer Air Vape UK

The Arizer air is the latest portable vaporizer in the arsenal of the Arizer vaporizer company.

Though not as expensive as the second version of the solo series but it bags a lot of amazing and mouthwatering techs that makes your vaping session worth the while.

The exterior features of the Arizer Air depicts strength and durability. The heating technology of this wonder piece is the secret behind its power and uniqueness among other portables in the Arizer portable arsenal.

The Arizer air comes in 3 distinct coloration namely Black, Silver and Titanium giving you options, personally I love the silver version because it appeals more to me.

When it comes to durability of a vaporizing unit, the Arizer ploughed a lot of resources into this piece, firstly is the durable shell which functions to protect the unit from general wear and tears that might occur in the unit on a long term, and also the high standard and quality components incorporated it the design of the unit.

The Arizer air also features an easily interchangeable, rechargeable and high capacity battery which guarantees up to an hour of continuous vaping for every single charge you make, this will definitely thrill vape connoisseurs out there as they can now vape for a longer time as they wish.

The optimized heating system and the variable temperature controls of the Arizer air enhances the production of a light smooth vapor or a thick and somewhat strong clouds.

From the review above, we have highlighted 5 best features of the Arizer Air portable dry herb vaporizer as follows;

High quality components

Arizer Air Portable Vaporizer

The Arizer air features very high quality components in its build up, making the unit very durable and trusted among the portfolio of vaporizers by Arizer.


The Arizer air portable vaporizer is very easy to conceal in pockets and purses.

The size of this unit is one of the major advantages it has over the Arizer solo portables. So when it comes to discreetness in vapes, the Arizer is confidently sighted above the radar.

Battery life

The battery life of the Arizer air vaporizer might not be the best of its type or kind but because it is a replaceable and rechargeable lithium ion 18650 and also because the unit can accommodate extra batteries meaning that you would be covered even if you are on a trip or very far from home.

Each of the Arizer air battery can give users 7- 10 minutes vaping session which could last up to an hour and half.

Vapor quality

Arizer Air Vapor Quality

Good vapor quality is paramount to any connoisseur out there and the Arizer air did not slack on the aspect of vapor quality at all.

As a matter of fact, the vapor quality of the Arizer air is outstanding not only among the Arizer vaporizers but also in the portable vape industry.

The convection heating method and the ceramic heating element ensures that good quality vapor flows from this unit all the time.

Though the mouth piece is made of plastic but it doesn’t get in the way of tasty flavors.

Easy of usage

The Arizer vaporizer is really very easy to use and this is peculiar to single button vaporizers. Same button powers on/ off and also adjusts temperature settings.

This are the best features of the Arizer air vaporizer and at this juncture I can tell you are already craving for draws from this amazing vapor piece.

The Arizer Air is a lovely device to possess and make no mistake of comparing its performance to its size because this unit is a depiction of small size big performance levels. The Arizer currently retails at £159.95

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