Vaporizers are for aromatherapy & treatment of respiratory ailments.

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Vaporizer UK: Why Greenvapes UK ?

Green Vapes has been voted as the 2nd most trusted UK Vaporizer Online Shop. We take our business very seriously and have been happily selling to Vaporizer UK customers for several years now.

Vaporizer For Sale UK 

Looking for a bit more info before you purchase. We have written a few things down for you.

What is a Vaporizer?

A Vaporizer is a brilliant and affordable investment in your health! It is a device that heats up dried herbs, concentrates, e-liquids, oils or waxes. Then the active ingredients in the material are deposited in an aromatic vapour. Greenvapes UK offers Vaporizer UK  and Vaporizer UK accessorizes. 

But what is so special about a Vaporizer?

If you are vaping herbs and we are not just reffering the the Herbs you get from legal uk Seeds . We mean healthy organic cooking herbs. They are not burnt but only heated. No smoke can arise! Ash trays are no longer needed.

Traditional methods of smoking herbs produce a lot of pollutants that will enter your respiratory tract. Furthermore, because of the combustion, a lot of material is simply destroyed whereas with a vaporizer the material is converted into pure vapour. That means that you don't need much material in order to have the same outcome.

Different Vaporizer, different vape-styles

There are countless of possibilities and Vaporizer UK variations. But before you can start vaping, you will need to make a few important decision:1. Would you like to purchase a portable Vaporizer?If you are always on the go, a portable Vaporizer might be the right choice. They easily fit into your pocket and are often light and small.

2. Do you prefer vaping at home?If you prefer long sessions, a Desktop Vaporizer might be the better option. Desktop Vaporizer are very versatile! You can use a mouthpiece, a hose or a balloon to inhale the vapour. Of course, Desktop Vaporizer are too big to carry around but they are known for their incredible Vapour Quality! Desktop Vaporizer are for you, if you enjoy vaping at home and if you like to share with friends at a party.


Many Vaporizer UK allow the user to set the temperature others have pre-set heating levels.

Heating methods

Vaping Terminology explained: Convection: There is no contact between material and heating element. Conduction: There is direct contact between material and heating element.

What would you like to vape?

Really, one is spoiled for choice. Do you prefer vaping dried herbs, concentrates, waxes, e-liquids or oils?

In case you would like your device to be able to do it all there are Combination Vaporizer. Those kind of Vaporizer are often suitable for all materials. Herb Vaporizer require the herbs to be dried and grounded.Pen Vaporizer are often suitable for concentrates and sometimes even oils/waxes or dried herbs.

Vaporizer examples

The 'Mighty Vaporizer': German engineering from Storz&Bickel

What the Mighty vaporizer is known for:High quality and superb vapour. What else is there to say? A lot! The Mighty is definitely one of the most powerful portable Vaporizers on the market. It offers its users a unique vaping experience. The Mighty allows you to vape herbs, oils but also concentrates whilst it uses conduction but also convection as heating methods. The heating chamber is made of stainless steel. All materials used are of the highest quality which ensures tasty and dense vapour.Another asset is the rugged design of the device and its straightforward handling. The LED screen informs about temperature settings and the current temperature. Why is it such a user friendly Vaporizer? It can be operated via a simple three-button system. A vibration alarm indicates when the desired temperature has been reached. The temperatures can be set  pretty much anywhere between 40 ° C and 210 ° C . And one thing has to be said as well: The device is extremely accurate! Its dual Lithium-ion batteries do not only heat up quickly but also last for hours and hours before they have to be charged again.

And what is the result of efficient German engineering?  Outstanding vapour quality, of course!

Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer: The portable Vaporizer with unlimited possibilities!

The Haze Dual V3 from Haze Technologies feels extremely solid. As it was the case with the Mighty, the design of the V3 is also very user-friendly. The two-chambers Vaporizer is not only light but also compact and it fits easily into any bag. The V3 is a brilliant choice if you are always on the go.

More than one option

Dried Herbs, concentrates but also e-liquids can be vaped with this device. If you would like to be a bit more flexible then the V3 is definitely the right choice for you. By the way: The chambers are far enough apart which means that they can not interfere with one another. The vapour quality leaves nothing to be desired! Delicious and dense vapour, what more could you ask for?Because of the intelligent design, the stainless steel chamber and the stainless steel steam path, the Haze Dual V3 is also a high-quality product! A strong stainless lid prevents material from falling out. This results in an easy to clean device.


Altogether there are four different temperature settings you can choose from. Within 50 to 60 seconds the Haze Dual V3 is ready to use. The Haze also comes with two mouthpieces. One is made of glass, the other of stainless steel. Depending on the temperature settings and usage, the batteries last for about 90 minutes. The automatic power-off function makes the Haze Dual V3 to a very safe option.

DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer

You want the latest Vaporizer technology? Then the DaVinci Ascent is the right Vaporizer for you! Beside herbs and resins you can also vape oils due to an oil container that is supplied.

Discreet and compact

Because of its glass steam channel, ceramic heating element and detachable glass mouthpiece, this device produces top-class vapour. The glass mouthpiece is installed inside the Ascent and can be extended. Hence, the mouthpiece is always protected. The digital display shows you useful information such as the temperature of your device and the battery levels. After choosing your desired temperature (3 ° C to 221 ° C) , it only takes 30 seconds, then you can begin your vaping session. As many Vaporizer, the Ascent also has an automatic shut-off setting. 2-3 hours of usage are no problem for the DaVinci Ascent. The Ascent is a discreet Vaporizer that is compact and fits perfectly into your bag or pocket.


G Pen Elite Vaporizer

The G Pen Elite is very beautifully shaped, stylish but also discreet. It is an easy-to-use device because of its simple button-system: It has an on/off button as well as plus and minus buttons. An LED display shows you your current settings. It has a very large herbal chamber and a ceramic heating element which ensures great vapour quality! It only takes 20 to 30 seconds until the Vaporizer is heated up and ready to use. Because of the large herbal chamber even long sessions can be guaranteed. The infinitely variable temperature settings from about 93 ° C to 220 ° C are another great advantage of the G Pen!

Vapour and battery life 

The vapour is dense, smooth and tasty! The 22mAh battery lasts for about 12 to 16 sessions (depending on the duration) before the Vaporizer has to be charged again.

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