How GreenVapes became the UK’s Vaporizer SUPERSTORE in just a few months and why we’re dedicated to making sure it stays that way.


Hi, welcome to GreenVapes, the UK’s no.1 superstore for Vaporizers and aromatherapy products. Lots of people choose to buy from us, as we’re dedicated to delivering you the best products, with discreet packaging, using the fastest shipping and of course we really strive to have the best support! Although we’re the UK’s leading superstore for vaporizers, we’re actually just 4 friends and a small friendly team that have the same interests.


To give you the best UK prices possible.

To always have the latest and newest products available to ship out to you immediately.

To give you honest advice, facts and less sales jargon

To give you a nice experience so you recommend us and come back as a repeat customer!

Honest Vaporizer reviews and no sales jargon

Who doesn’t hate websites that will try anything and everything to sell a product just to make a pound or 2. We don’t agree with that, in fact we find it very misleading. Instead we have a small team testing our products looking for the positive but also mentioning the downside that many vaporizers have. In fact if you see certain vaporizers elsewhere but not on our website it’s because we have tested them and we don’t believe they are top products.


Beware of Vaporizers on ebay and Amazon.

First of all, because we’re one of the largest retailers for Vaporizers world wide, if anyone we’re the people who actually get to offer you the best deals. If you find another website with better prices, contact us and we’ll offer you the product for the same price. But beware, the product needs to be original! We sell hundreds of products a day and we’re a serious company. If you find some Tom, Dick and Harry on Ebay or Amazon selling for less, well he might not even know it himself, but it’s probably a fake product. We don’t insist that you buy from us, I’m sure there are other honest dealers out there that don’t need to wear masks to sell you a product, but we don’t recommend that you buy from Ebay, Amazon and other online platforms where you might be obtaining a fake product. Now lots of fake products are perfectly fine, let’s be honest. Fake Vaporizer however are far from fine and can be VERY DANGEROUS, so whatever your decision, if you decide that you like anyone better than us, just make sure you’re buying original! We’re certified dealers for all our products and therefore can only recommend that you place your order with someone like us.


Fast and secure delivery

According to our terms and conditions, we state that we need 5 working days for delivery. However if you order your vaporizer at 6pm on Tuesday don’t expect it on Wednesday! We do our best to get as many orders out as possible and most orders to go out the very same day, but sometimes products can take longer to ship, we’re not perfect, but we give our best to make sure you’re treated like a king and you get your vaporizer as fast as possible!


Secure payments with Paypal pro and SSL

Because we’re not a basement or a front room company, you can be assured that your payments are safe with us. We offer Paypal Pro and most major credit cards, meaning if anything were to happen you can always contact paypal and make a claim. Although that has never happened and wont ever be the case, we just want you to know that your payments are safe with us. Along with a secure SSL connection from trustwave we take care of you.


With us you get a guarantee that counts

I’ve heard it all to often, every now and then we get emails from people who have bought on Ebay or Amazon and would like to send an item back to us because of some defect. Strangely enough the guys who they bought the vaporizer from in the first place have no more interest in helping them do anything once they’ve given them a positive review!

Well we really do feel for anyone with a problem, but only those of you that are our customers and buy from us can take advantage of our no questions asked guarantee policy. In fact if you do choose to buy from us, we simply make sure that any questions, problems and just about anything we can answer or help you with are taken care of with the service you deserve!


Vaporizers for sale UK? – Let GreenVapes take care of your order

If you live in the UK or anywhere in Europe, if you buy your Vaporizer from us we’ll make sure that you get everything how it’s supposed to be with an excellent service. We’re dedicated to the Aromatherapy scene and Vaporizers, plus we’re dedicated to our existing customers and any new customers that join our database. Existing customers do get informed when a SALE is about to happen beforehand, so that they get to scoop up the deals in VIP style. If for any reason you have any question whatsoever don’t hesitate to use our online chat or give us a call at 020 8133 3775. If all that fails because we’re helping other customers simply drop us a mail through the contact page and we’ll get back to you as fast as possible. With that said we would like to thank anyone who has taken the time to read this and we hope to see you as a customer in the near future.


Your Greenvapes team!

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Just want 2 give a big shout out, gets my respect! 5 stars for that fast order

Joshua P

Luv my vaporizer and how fast it got here, thanks. will tell my friends about it.

Blacknight Wizz

Great team, I got my vape fast and like advertised the packaging was neutral.

David Roland

Getting vaped with my boyfriend tonight wow was that fast delivery, and packed really good thanx xxx

Amanda T

Ding dong, that was fast thanks Just what the doctor ordered!