Vaporfection Accessories

Vaporfection Accessories and Replacement Parts

Vaporfection has released a number of accessories and replacement parts that may be useful for the users who are experiencing issues with different parts of their Vaporfection device. It’s very common that different vaporizer parts start experiencing problem over time due to poor maintenance and other reasons. Well if you are experiencing these problems with your Vapofection vaporizers and don’t bother too much about these problems. The best way to get rid from all these problems is to buy a replacement parts and addon accessories, that is compatible with Vaporfection vaporizer. And that’s where we stand, Green Vape UK is offering a wide range of Vaporfection accessories at affordable prices.

Vaporfection Vivape Accessories:

ViVape is an extraordinary desktop vaporizer from Vaporfection, featuring a digital touch screen temperature control system to adjust the vaporizer temperature accordingly. Vivape can be operated in Balloon mode or whip mode depending on the user preference with the help of appropriate accessories. We here at Green Vapes UK offering the largest collection of addon accessories and parts to cater the needs of vivape users. Whether it is a balloon kit which can help you to enjoy free style vaping or a whip for direct and hard hits, we have everything that you need to rejoice and experiment different flavors of Vivape Vaporizers.

Here is a list of different parts and accessories that we currently stock for vaporizer vaporizers:

  • Balloon Kit
  • Mouthpiece
  • Water tool adapter
  • Water Cooler

Browse through our complete collection of Vivape accessories to know more.


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    vaporfection glass mouthpiece

    Vaporfection Glass Mouthpiece

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